Social Retargeting Campaign

Social media is a virtual goldmine for online brands that want to tap into new pools of their ideal audience. But a few social ads aren’t going to cut it. You need a strong understanding of your ideal audience and social retargeting campaigns that get you seen in the social feeds that matter. That’s why we offer social retargeting campaigns done right.

What is a social retargeting campaign?

Much like paid retargeting campaigns, social retargeting is the re-engagement of lost leads from previous social ads and other marketing efforts. When social users and/or followers click through social media ads, funnels, and forms to initiate a brand’s funnel, they don’t always “seal the deal.” They may leave the site to search for competitors, or simply fail to totally convert — however your brand measures a conversion. For many marketers, this can be frustrating and head-scratch-inducing.

Social retargeting campaigns can help you connect with those lost leads, by leveraging tags, cookies, and social media platform analytics. Retargeted social campaigns make sure those visitors and followers continue to see your brand’s ads on the platforms they use the most, so you stay “top of mind” and increase the odds of conversion.

But rather than spamming social media users with simplified, boring ads like other brands do, exceptional brands know that social retargeting requires innovation and an in-depth understanding of what it is that a target audience wants to see. That’s why those brands call V9.

What to expect from a social retargeting campaign

At V9, social retargeting is about more than sharing the same ads over and over again, hoping to convert as many impressions as possible. Instead, our team of social media ad experts get to know your brand, your goals, and your buyer persons so they can leverage the best tags and retargeting methods to connect with the people you are most likely to convert. Because social retargeting offers access to more data and more specifics about who engaged with your initial marketing efforts, our social marketing mavens are able to directly speak to those people, increase their awareness of your brand online, and up the odds of a conversion.

Once we have your target audience pinpointed, we work with you to create retargeting social ads, whether they’re static copy images, video, or even have interactive components. With our extensive experience, we’ll also help you understand which ads perform best with your audience to ensure optimal outcomes for your retargeting spend. And any V9 campaign wouldn’t be complete without reporting and adaptation: we offer a full report after an initial social retargeting campaign so you can see exactly who was targeted, who converted, and on which platform your ads performed the best. From there, it’s an iterative process to make sure you’re continually reaching new people, retargeting them, and driving them to convert.

Is a social retargeting campaign right for your business?

As a brand, it can feel like you need to be seen on virtually every platform just to gain a little traction. But with expert social retargeting, you can increase your conversions, reduce your spend, and limit the internal resources you need to drive awareness and sales. 37% of consumers finding purchase inspiration through social media… so are you inspiring them? If you’ve read this far, probably not. Call V9 when you’re ready to change that.

Ready to grow your business online?

Whether you’re trying to build brand awareness on social media or needing to drive more traffic from search engines, we’re here to help you connect with your audience and hit those strategic goals.

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