Frequently Asked Questions

We are sharing some of our most common social media marketing questions, to help you figure out if we are the right fit for your needs. 


How long does your onboarding process take?

In general, from kick-off to the first post published, our onboarding process can take around thirty days. This depends, of course, on the complexity of your brand communications and your approval processes.  We take our time and put in the hard work up front to make sure we can publish high-quality content based on an overall content strategy.

If you need content published faster, our expedited content process can publish content in as little as two weeks.  Also, there is always an option for us to create immediate filler content while developing a strategy if needed. 


What counts as “high-quality content” for social media?

The secret sauce of our successful social media campaigns is producing high-quality shareable content that is original and consistent with our clients’ brand strategy.  Every post we develop for our clients is carefully crafted based on your goals and strategy, with the intention of attracting your target audience.

Just as important is giving your social copy the right tone while keeping the creative aesthetically pleasing. We’ll also make sure to stay within brand guidelines and art direction. We also understand that the marketing strategy, brand messaging, and art direction can change on each platform, which is why we take our time and adapt to each platform’s audience and intent.

While producing high-quality content consistently across multiple platforms can seem like a daunting task, it is the best approach to reach and engage your audience.  Don’t worry: we have the experience and relevant experience to develop your content calendar across multiple platforms, using different mediums and types of posts to make your social media marketing efforts work effectively for your brand.


Why do some agencies recommend a higher frequency of posts?

You may have seen that other agencies focus on producing and publishing as many posts as they can. This is because they operate under the impression that you have to constantly post on social media to remain relevant & get engagement. More often than not, though, each post is being seen by the same few followers (1%-2% of your followers) over and over again, which is not effective and will lead to brand fatigue. 

We operate in the mindset that lower-frequency, higher-quality, strategy-driven content with a purpose will yield the best results and achieve your brand goals. 

Here’s why:

  • In accordance with Facebook & Instagram’s algorithm (and other algorithms), if a brand is posting a lot of content with very little engagement on their posts, your content will be shown to fewer and fewer people in newsfeeds. Consistent Low Engagement = Consistent Decline in Impressions & Reach. 
  • Everything you post on social media is a reflection of your brand and communication strategy. We carefully craft everything in order to build brand trust, credibility, and avoid unintended crisis communication issues. 
  • Many agencies duplicate posts across every channel, with little to no customization. This can be a very harmful tactic, as different users expect a different experience from each. 
  • A brand’s social media pages serve as an extra channel for users to research about what you offer — making sure you have clear, well-planned content that speaks to what those users are researching published on your page is vital to a customer journey.

Why is social media community engagement important?

In this day and age, users have now come to expect brands and companies to behave just like other humans on social media. They expect quick responses to customer service related issues, to have their questions answered and to be acknowledged and thanked directly by a brand when they post about or tag the brand. Social media has changed the way companies interact with their customers, and staying on top of those trends is important to staying ahead of the competition. 

In addition, the concept of outbound engagement where you seek out conversations and engage with other people’s content is a very powerful way to get your brand name out there authentically and effectively. Creating a strategy for connecting with your target audience on a more personal level is a vital part to a successful digital marketing strategy.


What metrics are important for social media?

There are literally hundreds of available data points across social media platforms, posts, and various analytical reporting tools.  The ones that typically have the most relevance include those related to:

  • Awareness: Impressions and reach. Reach includes both showing up in your followers’ feeds but also the followers of those people who share your content.
  • Engagement: Likes, comments, shares, and clicks.  A high post engagement rate means that folks actually liked what you posted and found it interesting.

It is important to look at both of these data sets to ensure you are educating and moving folks down the marketing funnel. This requires both increasing your reach and improving your engagement.

  • ROI:  Referrals and conversions.  Also important to think about is your CTR in ads and posts. A high CTR means that we produced an effective piece of content.
  • Customers: Response time and rate.  While it is important to focus on your posts and ads, you should also monitor your customers’ experience with your brand.

There are also vanity metrics, like the number of followers on a platform, that can be tracked on your reporting dashboard.  However, we feel that the metrics above are the most common and important metrics that should be collectively monitored.  With time, we can always add additional metrics that are relevant to your goals.


How long does it take to see results from social media marketing?

As you can imagine, this can vary widely. In general, though, when brands switch to our social media marketing services, we generally see immediate improvements in post engagement and reach. 

For brands that are more focused on lead generation or revenue generation, we generally advocate spending time focused on engagement and building your audience before focusing more bottom of funnel promotions. 

Want to know how we use a full-funnel approach to build audience and engagement and how this can lead to better ROAS for your advertising budget? Watch our recent presentation:  Content Marketing Funnels on Social Media.


What are some of the results your clients have seen from your social media marketing services?

Every campaign is based on the KPIs that a client sets with us. For the clients who are focused on leads/sales, some of our best ad campaigns have seen a 14:1 ROAS, and we’ve seen single organic posts drive incredible revenue numbers. 

For clients who are focused on branding and engagement, we generally see a huge impact here quickly. One of our best examples is Bed Head Styling, with whom we drove a 3,918% increase in engagement.  

See more of our social media marketing success stories here.


Why should I choose Volume Nine as my social media partner?

There are a few reasons that Volume Nine is able to achieve great results for our clients:

  • We start with strategic alignment and ensure we are communicating to your target audience with the right brand message. 
  • We focus on lower-frequency, higher-quality content than most agencies so that you are building brand awareness and trust, while also hitting your engagement and sales goals.
  • We are extremely data-driven, so when something works well, we lean in to get even better results. 

In addition to our overall social media awesomeness, there are a few things about our agency that make us a great partner for your team: our availability, our transparent reporting, and our commitment to becoming an extension of your team. We are also dedicated to your success, and willing to put in the work to see that success happen.

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