SEO Launch Support

A website redesign should boost your brand’s visibility and search ranking, not destroy it. SEO launch support evaluates your relaunch to ensure you’re adhering to SEO best practices for optimal results down the road. With our solid, expert launch support and custom SEO launch strategies, we give you the tools you need to maintain organic traffic and even grow it after launch.

What is SEO launch support?

Search engine rankings and organic traffic can dramatically drop — or disappear entirely — from your website following a site launch or redesign. If not handled with SEO and online visibility in mind, website launches can be a huge risk to your organic traffic streams. However, when you have proper launch support on deck, including technical and site performance SEO advisors, you can protect your current rankings and ensure a successful site launch.

SEO launch support often includes site map creation, 301 redirect guidance, metadata optimization, image and media optimization, URL architecture considerations, and more. This process is performed prior to or in tandem with the site’s design to avoid last-minute expenses or complications, and to ensure the best outcomes after launch.

What to expect from SEO launch support services

At V9, we believe that SEO and web design aren’t separate. In fact, we know how SEO and design work together to ensure the best user experience, which leads to better visibility, conversions, and revenue for our clients. That’s why our SEO launch support services offer full-spectrum SEO launch support, including web design plan evaluations, search-friendly recommendations, 301 redirect plans, content optimization, analytics systems, and more. Our team of SEO launch experts uses a wide range of tools to provide feedback and direction, but all decisions and reports are filtered through our experts to ensure everything is catered to your site and launch goals.

As many business owners and marketing teams know, the day of launch can be the most stressful. That’s why V9 also offers day-of-launch support, addressing last-minute SEO issues and monitoring your site’s indexing and traffic. A few weeks after launch, your dedicated V9 team will also create a launch report, showing you how traffic has changed — and possibly improved — since the launch, and how your SEO strategy has helped. V9 has successfully supported hundreds of site launches, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500s. We also have a team of SEO experts who stay on top of changing SEO best practices, which means you’ll always have the most accurate launch recommendations.

Are SEO launch support services right for your business?

There’s a reason you want to re-design and launch your new website. Maybe you want more traffic, better conversions, improved brand awareness, or all of the above. But when a website isn’t designed or built with SEO in mind, the intention or goal of your relaunch can be overshadowed. It may be a beautiful site, but its reach and search rankings can be sorely impacted if SEO isn’t considered as well. In a digital age where organic traffic is the lifeblood of most businesses, SEO launch support is a vital component for your website re-design and launch strategy.

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