Google My Business Optimization and Management

What’s the first thing people see when they Google your business? Your Google My Business listing. But when’s the last time you reviewed it for ranking, accuracy, or reviews? Poor rankings, information, or reviews can really hurt your conversions. That’s why we offer Google My Business optimization and management. We’ll make sure you put your best face forward so customers click your listing with confidence.

What is Google My Business optimization and management?

It’s not news that Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, or that it can be hard to rank on Page 1 of Google if your site isn’t properly optimized or updated. The same applies to your Google My Business listing. Google My Business professional optimization can help a brand get seen in search, and make sure that their store or website pops up in Google’s local “pack” or knowledge panels. The more Google continues to redesign their SERPs, the more important it is to have a Google My Business listing that gets seen at the top.

Of course, once you’ve got a Google My Business listing, the work doesn’t stop there. Management is necessary to continually update hours, locations, and information if you have a physical store, and to check for accuracy and layout if you’re 100% online. Branded images, correct links, and featured information all need to be checked from time-to-time, as well. But the biggest maintenance need for Google My Business, regardless of brick and mortar or e-commerce, is the reviews. Good and bad reviews happen to every business, but it’s how you handle them that matters.

In today’s search-driven world, your business listing needs to put your brand at the top — and make it look good. To do that, your brand needs to recruit Google My Business optimization and management professionals.

What to expect from Google My Business optimization and management

V9’s team of senior SEOs offer Google My Business optimization services that leverage their knowledge of technical SEO and current best practices to ensure Google connects your business listing with the top spot for your name, location (if relevant), and services or products.

They also offer Google My Business management that guarantees your brand presence is strong. We’ll make sure your listing uses the right logos, language, and engagement to show search users exactly what your brand stands for. Another major component of Google My Business management is reviews. Our team will track reviews as they come in, resolve issues, and work with your team to understand how to attract positive reviews from real customers.

As part of our optimization and management services, our Google experts also make sure your listing is working for you. We’ll report on your Google My Business listing analytics, including calls generated, website visits initiated, reviews left, photos added, edits suggested, and more.

Is Google My Business optimization and management right for your business?

At V9, we know there’s not many things worse than Googling your business name and not seeing it come up first in search. You also want to make sure your Google My Business listing looks good and has the right information… but you don’t always have the time to check it and update it. If that sounds like you, call us for Google My Business optimization and management.

Businesses with multiple locations or brands should also call V9 for Google My Business help. Not only is it time and resource-intensive to set multiple listings up, but suggested edits, negative reviews, and even changes to Google’s listing style can really hurt your conversions.

Don’t take a chance with your business’s main real estate on Google — call V9. We’ll make sure your Google My Business house is in order.

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