Paid Retargeting Campaign

When you start a paid ad campaign, you send out juicy bait (you hope) your audience can’t resist. Sometimes, they take the bait, but you still can’t reel them in. When that happens, you need a paid retargeting campaign. We’ll help you seal the deal with a paid retargeted campaign that convinces your visitors to fully convert — both to the sale and to your brand.

What is a paid retargeting campaign?

After a consumer visits a site, starts a shopping cart, or initiates some sort of funnel, they don’t always see it through to the end. Whether they’re trying to see how much their cart will cost with shipping or they’ve been distracted by other things, your marketing team may be wondering, “Where did they go… and how do we get them back?” The answer: retarget them, of course.

Using display ads and Google AdWords, brands can leverage tags, cookies, and analytics to determine who viewed or clicked their ads and engaged with their site or products. Once that’s understood, a paid retargeting campaign can get more ads in front of them. These retargeted ads help to drive visitors back to your site so they can engage more with your services or products, or pick up where they left off.

What to expect from a paid retargeting campaign

V9’s savvy team of ad experts create a paid retargeting campaign that helps you reconnect with lost site visitors and shoppers so you can see stronger conversions on your ad spend. We do this by tailoring your retargeting campaigns specifically for your business — and the audience your ads are reaching. Each of our partnerships starts with a discovery meeting, where we learn about your brand, competitors, products or services, and who you’re attracting with your current ads or marketing efforts.

From there, our ad team creates ads that are proven to draw the eye of your lost leads, whether they prefer copy, visuals, video, or interactive ads. We’ll also make sure the line is baited with a call-to-action they can’t resist. And, after ensuring that your landing pages and tracking tools are ready to rock, V9 also executes and manages the live campaign.

As part of our paid retargeting campaigns, you’ll also get an in-depth, real-time report on how the retargeting campaign is performing, so you always know what you’re spending and how the campaign is going. Our reports are easy to read and offer brands relevant insights into CTR, cost per acquisition, conversions made, and more. Our dedicated ad team will also report on what worked and where, and what can be improved on or cut to improve ROI on the next go-round — because you’ll always want to keep your line baited and those fish biting.

Is a paid retargeting campaign right for your business?

Only 2% of web traffic converts on their first visit to a site, so what are you doing to get those visitors to come back and convert? If you’re hoping they’ll just remember their abandoned shopping cart or free download, you’re going to be disappointed. Take action to keep your brand top of mind and in their line of sight with paid retargeting campaigns from V9.

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