Email Marketing Management

Even with the rise of social media and other marketing tactics, email marketing continues to dominate. So what is your brand doing to get into your audience’s inbox? With email marketing management from V9, you’ll be able to put out content that’s just right for your audience so you can stay top of mind — and inbox — without draining internal resources.

What is email marketing management?

Your audience checks emails everyday — sometimes multiple times a day. However, to get your audience to do more than send an email straight to their trash, it takes a lot of effort, execution, and expertise. And, as your brand probably knows, building an email marketing campaign, acting on it, and staying consistent requires resources. To get results for their company, and to stay competitive, many brands require email marketing management services.

Email marketing management streamlines audience and list building, email and template creation, email and CMS platform use, and metrics collection so a brand can see results without getting bogged down in the details. An expert email marketing manager can keep campaigns moving and ideas churning, while also leveraging their expertise to translate campaign metrics into solutions for future emails. Basically, the right manager will handle all the details so you don’t have to.

Here at V9, handling the details is sort of our thing.

What to expect from email marketing management

When you work with V9’s email experts, we always start any email marketing management project with target audience research. This includes understanding your current email list, who you want to reach with your emails, and the sort of messaging and content they most engage with. Once we have clear personas built out, we can build your brand’s message and content to fit those individual persona needs. These multiple personas are created to ensure impactful list-building that makes email subscribers feel seen, not lumped into a broad email list they can’t wait to unsubscribe from.

After your personas are identified, our email managers will build out lists and craft content that will increase engagement and decrease drop-offs. We’ll set your CRM or email tools up for maximum success, even making recommendations for platforms if you’re new to the world of email. Our content team will not only write content and attractive subject lines, but they’ll also create visuals and test other elements to keep your subscribers intrigued. Most of all, we integrate with your content and/or marketing teams to make sure your other marketing efforts align with the email work we’re doing. This way, all the stars align and you’ll see maximum impact without putting in maximum hours.

Last but definitely not least, our reports and list audits are a cornerstone of our email marketing services. You’ll never be left in the dark wondering if your investment in our email experts is working, or if the tactics we’re implementing are actually getting your brand more traction. We provide frequent reporting and list audits to make sure you’re not spending dollars on subscribers or strategies that are never going to convert.

Is email marketing management right for your business?

For every $1 spent in email marketing, the average return on investment is $44. We can’t make those numbers up, but we know that only happens for brands who do everything right. If you want to give your emails the best chance at not being deleted right after you hit “Send,” V9 can help. Our email marketing management services can increase ROI on email marketing spend, streamline email efforts, and improve conversions for the objectives that really matter. Call today if that sounds like something you need (hint: if you’ve read this far, you need it).

Email for Charlie’s Soap

It’s been live for around four hours and we’ve already gotten 97 orders. Everyone wear your roller skates tomorrow…we are going to be busy. This has been our most successful in house coupon campaign to date, all within the first 5 days.

-Ken Woodyard

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