Content Development

Content development is one of the most resource-intensive components involved in marketing and growing your business. Even if you have a strategy, the best-laid plans can fall apart when it comes time to execute. That’s why V9 offers content development services that blend strategy, execution, and delivery to give your business the momentum — and results — it deserves.

What is content development?

Content development involves planning, production, and publication of a brand’s content. Because content development takes consideration, time, and resources to execute, it is often one of the largest pain points for a brand. And while most businesses feel the need to produce content “just to keep up” with the content machine and their competitors, content development is most effective when paired with an overarching strategy and a true awareness of — and respect for — your ideal audience. When built on a solid foundation, content development can ensure that blogs, videos, graphics, whitepapers, newsletters, and virtually any other type of content are created with that end goal in mind.

What to expect from content development

At V9, we don’t believe in content for content’s sake. Instead, we believe in taking the time to perform a comprehensive audit of your current website and content. We document goals, reporting metrics, and current architecture, as well as content production and processes. Before we make any recommendations, we also work with you to outline your precise target personas and their unique approach to content. Our content development team will then map out specific goals and objectives for your target persona to better streamline their customer journey.

Another critical component of our content development process is a keyword analysis to see what is consistently ranking in Google search — as well as the competitors who are taking up that coveted real estate. This analysis provides an outline of the gaps in your current content strategy compared to competitor content and will guide SEO recommendations for current and future content. Our content development team will research, validate, and develop a list of relevant keywords used by your target audience and then prioritize them in an actionable, clear development schedule.

You’ll then be presented with a Content Roadmap, which contains all of your V9 team’s recommendations for new content, adjustments to existing content, and website updates needed to support your new efforts. Depending on your business’s needs, we can coordinate all the resources required for initiation, development, management, and launch of your content development strategy. V9 is also here to help with all ongoing account servicing needs, including project management, updated information based on the latest best practices, post-launch findings, reporting, and regular meetings with your team.

Are content development services right for your business?

Between exploration, strategy creation, editorial calendars, writing and reviewing, publishing, and marketing, there is a lot more to content development than meets the eye. V9 knows that and so do you. Our content development services are designed to make sure content is created with your target audience in mind — and then we make sure it gets created. 80% of people report that they enjoy learning about a company through custom content… so are you giving the people what they want?

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