Content Amplification

Every brand wants (and needs) to get their message out there, but just putting something “out there” isn’t enough. Utilizing the best methods and tools, our content amplification services empower you to create a meaningful online experience that resonates with your target audience’s interests and needs, making it easier than ever for them to convert.

What is content amplification?

Do you have an existing blogging or content strategy, but you don’t seem to see an increase in traffic or conversions despite your efforts? It may be because your content plan doesn’t target users at each stage of the decision-making process and funnel them toward your site. That’s where content amplification comes in.

Content amplification is the process of looking at in-depth analytics and consumer patterns to identify the customer journey and to create a content sharing strategy that focuses on what your audience wants to consume and where. For example, you know that users engage and consume content much differently on Facebook and Twitter; the strategy for promoting and publishing content on each platform should reflect those differences. Content amplification strategies allow you to do just that.

But content amplification is about more than just posting links to your content on social media channels. It’s also about tailoring your content — including articles, blogs, infographics, videos, press releases, etc. — to reach targeted, tailored segmented audiences on various channels in a meaningful way.

What to expect from content amplification

Content doesn’t share itself, and it certainly doesn’t adapt to its audience. But V9 can help you do that with your library of content. With our content amplification services, we offer an in-depth social media review and strategy optimization report that may involve recommendations for influencer marketing, user-generated content, email marketing, sponsored posts, content repurposing, and more. We also offer social media publishing and advertising to make sure your content is seen where it’s most needed. Our content-savvy team will also help you repurpose existing content to get the most traction on individual platforms, rather than dumping content across all platforms with zero strategy.

Are content amplification services right for your business?

Content amplification services are ideal for businesses and brands that have targeted, high-quality content but want to get the most from their marketing spend. V9’s content strategists will maximize the impact of your marketing dollars by putting a strategy behind your content to ensure a meaningful online presence.

When done correctly, content amplification can build your brand’s authority in your industry, increase social signals, and boost your brand awareness. What are you waiting for?

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