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There’s a lot of content out there, and most of it just takes up space. When it comes to creating content that converts, you have to consider your audience and what they’re searching for. With our blog marketing services, we create a plan that targets your ideal customer, pinpoints how they search, and helps you create content that actually resonates.

What is blog marketing?

Blog marketing is the process of publishing and sharing blogs that connect with a specific message, product, service, or brand. Blogs are pieces of content that are more frequently written, published, and updated on websites with the explicit goal of reaching a person or company’s ideal audience. For brands and businesses, a blog serves as a way to share content that is relevant to their product or service, while also providing more “real estate” for them to rank in Google. But blogs don’t market themselves, especially in today’s content-heavy landscape. That’s why it’s so important to have a specific audience in mind when writing, and why brands have to understand how their audience searches.

What to expect from blog marketing

Blog content needs to be strategic and engaging, while also resonating with individual readers.  Of course, this can be a difficult process to master without the right steps — or plan — in place. At V9, our experienced blog marketing experts have fine-tuned our 4-step approach to help clients achieve maximum visibility and engagement through blog creation.

As the first part of our process, our blog marketing specialists consider your business, its goals, and its target audience to identify target personas — representative models of your ideal customers. From there, we identify the keywords these personas are most likely to use when searching for your product or service. Then, we utilize these keywords to identify themes and generate topics that will reach each persona individually, with the goal of improving engagement, traffic, visibility, and conversions. The success of your content largely depends on how it resonates with your audience, which is why V9 focuses on holistic, quality blog creation, rather than siloed or “quantity-driven” blog marketing methods.

After personas and keywords are identified, our blog marketing team partners with you to develop a plan for blog post frequency and the vehicles with which to promote your published pieces. We also research, recruit, and manage writers who can provide consistent, informed content using knowledge specific to your industry. Once targeted and strategic blogs are written, V9 takes a hands-on approach to making sure your brand — and the information shared — is accurately reflected. We edit, proofread, check the facts, and take pride in putting our stamp of approval on all blog content we publish to your site.

Are blog marketing services right for your business?

If you want to drive organic marketing success, you have to produce unique, valuable, and relevant blog content that speaks to your target audience. Our blog marketing services are designed to reach and resonate with a larger audience – especially those who are new to your site or brand. Blog marketing should also improve audience engagement and brand visibility through content shares, links, and discussions on social media. With blog marketing expertise and the use of SEO cutting-edge approaches, you’ll also see increased visibility that drives traffic and conversions. Blogs operate as the voice for your brand and remain at the forefront of a prospective customer’s mind, plus help drive organic traffic. So the real question isn’t if blog marketing is right for your business. It’s “When can we start?”

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