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For almost 20 years our CEO & Owner, Natalie Henley, has been a highly sought after speaker & trainer.

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lifestyle marketing

Lifestyle Digital Marketing – For Brands that Dare to Be Great

As our lives become increasingly digital, the way we interact with brands is changing drastically. However, most brands are stuck in the past, using old marketing strategies and tactics.

There has been a paradigm shift in how consumers want to be reached and communicated with, and the brands that have made this shift are running circles around their competitors online.

We’ll walk you through exactly what this paradigm shift is, what it means for your brand, and which strategies and tactics you can start implementing to see if a lifestyle approach is right for your brand.

Supplemental Materials: Guide – Lifestyle Digital Marketing

social engagement

Skyrocket your Engagement & ROI from Social Media

A lot of brands struggle with social media community growth, ROI from social, and building a brand online. However, for most of these brands, there is a consistent missing link: social media engagement.

In fact, 64% of marketers agree that increasing audience engagement is crucial for their social strategies (Source: Invesp)

But why do most marketers struggle with engagement? Because it’s hard to keep track of, and to teach a team how to do it… until now!

Over the past five years, Volume Nine has built a proprietary process and set of checklists and guidelines to help their clients quickly adopt social media engagement into their social strategies. These clients have seen tremendous gains quickly by utilizing these techniques.

Now, Volume Nine is peeling back the curtain to share all of these resources, tips, and guidelines so that you can quickly start to work powerful engagement strategies into your social media program.

Supplemental Materials: Social Media Engagement Guide

digital marketing

Results from the Trenches – What’s working now in Digital Marketing?

Ready to drink from the firehose?

Volume Nine will peel back the film on more than 20 different digital marketing strategies and tactics they have tested with their clients over the past year.

A comprehensive digital marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado, Volume Nine’s unique approach to digital marketing has landed them contracts with companies like Fiji Water, Wonderful Pistachios, Little Tikes, Hot Tools, Lands End, O’ Reilly Auto Parts, Vitamin World, Bed Head, Back Country, Obermeyer, and many more!

V9 is going to tell it like it is and walk through the tactics and strategies their clients have tested within the last year.

Are Facebook funnels still the bee’s knees? Are there any video short-cuts worth taking? What kind of content is performing well? What opportunities exist for brands in the wake of all these recent algorithm changes? Hear about tactics that span digital marketing channels — from SEO and content to email, paid advertising, social media, and more.

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