Freelance With Us

We partner with top freelancers (like you) to help us execute amazing digital marketing strategies for some pretty cool clients across a wide range of industries. We’re on the lookout for like-minded professionals who enjoy collaborating with brands that are making a difference in the marketplace.

Our goal is to offer our extended family unmatched perks like weekly invoicing, realistic deadlines, and interesting projects. We also aim to have as many of our freelancer relationships set up as ongoing projects as possible.


Skills In Demand

We’re currently looking for freelancers who specialize in:

  • Social Media: Strategy, Organic, Paid Ads
  • SEO: Technical, Copy Optimization
  • Design: Graphic Design, Illustration
  • Ads: Paid Search, Paid Social, Display
  • Analytics: GA4, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager 

Let’s Join Forces

Partnering with Volume Nine! 

  • Your only focus is your work. Imagine that! We handle all of the communication and monthly meetings with the client.
  • You’ll have access to our template library to help complete certain tasks as needed.
  • Your work for a particular month is preplanned and loaded in advance, making it easy for you to schedule around.  
  • You’ll receive payment directly into your checking account and we limit the red tape for approval of invoices.
  • You can get started right away thanks to our streamlined process for onboarding new freelancers.

Let’s Join Forces

What Our Freelancers Are Saying

V9 is hands down one of my favorite agency clients. They provide all the assets I need to write well and complete my projects on time, and their assignment and management system is super smooth.  All of that means I don’t have to worry about things falling through the cracks, dozens of client edits, or rush requests. Their invoicing system is easy to use and automated, so I never have to wait to get paid.  The team is a blast to work with and I’ve gotten to know them well over the last couple of years. They really build long-term relationships with their freelancers and offer a ton of fun projects to work on.

– Latasha Doyle, Uncanny Content

Latasha Doyle