Email Marketing Strategy

The effectiveness of email marketing is undeniable. Unfortunately, you only see results if your brand has an intentional, targeted email marketing strategy in place. An exceptional email marketing strategy goes beyond basic email creation and cuts straight to the meat of who, what, when, and how — so your emails actually get opened instead of trashed.

What is an email marketing strategy?

An email marketing strategy is an integral component of any brand’s overall marketing efforts. While email should by no means be the only channel by which you connect with customers, it has proven to be the biggest driver of conversions and sales again and again. But consumers get dozens of emails a day — some from brands just like yours. For that reason alone, brands need a targeted, actionable email marketing strategy that makes planning, content creation, and hitting “Send” effective (and simple).

Sure, an email marketing strategy seems basic enough: you create emails to market your services or products so that your brand can reach its goals. But a truly comprehensive email marketing strategy takes more important factors into account, like your target audience, their habits and needs, what your competitors are sending to their inboxes, and what messaging gets people to keep clicking.

At V9, we offer email marketing strategy services that help you better understand whose inbox you’re in (or want to be in), what’s working, and what’s not so that you can send an email that feels like it was made just for each subscriber.

What to expect from an email marketing strategy

An email marketing strategy from V9 starts with the same approach: getting to know your brand inside and out. This means evaluating your business goals, your brand message, and the audience you most connect with. By understanding your brand’s goals and current operations, we can make sure to create an email marketing strategy that builds on where you are, rather than starting from Square One.

To further help us craft your brand’s email marketing strategy, V9’s email marketing experts will also perform a deep dive into your subscribers and target personas. Who are they? What do they want and what content do they engage with? What is their lifetime value to the brand and what has driven them to buy more in the past? This deep dive is critical in developing the right content, but also in creating curated email lists that allow you to speak to each group individually, rather than trying to paint a broad brush across your entire list.

Our team of proven experts also offer insights into current industry trends — what sort of emails are “so hot right now,” and which tactics are turning consumers off. We also check out competitor emails to see how we can improve your current email content or delivery. And of course, any good strategy is backed by the data. We pull reports on past email marketing strategies and return on investment so we can see which emails or lists you should be focusing on and which ones you can stop wasting money on.

From there, it’s time to create funnels, email content, and templates that are mobile- and audience-friendly based on the guidance our experts have provided. With a full email marketing strategy from V9, your team will be able to turn ideas into actions so that your brand can reach new heights — and new inboxes.

Is an email marketing strategy right for your business?

Email still outperforms other online marketing strategies, including paid search (PPC), organic search, and affiliate marketing. Are you giving this heavyweight marketing channel the attention it deserves? An email marketing strategy is one of the most useful tools in your marketing belt, so stop entrusting it to the interns. Call V9’s email experts, instead.

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