Meet Richard Lesher, Account Director

As an Account Director at Volume Nine, Richard is responsible for helping clients create a unique web based experience for their customers. Since graduating from the University of Northern Colorado, Richard has seen it all. His experience includes working with huge brands like Coca-Cola, all the way down to building market share with a Denver based radio broadcasting company. Richard brings all this experience to the table now at Volume Nine, finding unique solutions for 21st century problems.

In his spare time, Richard enjoys taking his dog on adventures throughout Colorado.

Random Facts

Years of Marketing Experience: 9

Where were you born?

Fort Carson, CO

What’s your favorite movie of all time and why?

“Life as a House” – Making grown men cry since 2001

Most embarrassing story?

Working in marketing at a radio station, they asked me to compete in an on air competition. Turned out, I had to drink 15 Capri suns in 15 minutes. Half of Denver got to hear me lose my lunch.

What is the best advertising campaign you’ve seen or heard about?

The Ron Burgandy Dodge truck campaign makes watching commercials almost bearable.

What was the worst Halloween costume your parents ever made you wear?

A Ronald Reagan costume. Needless to say, no one got it.