Meet Kimi Miller, Digital Analytics Specialist

Kimi is a Digital Analytics Specialist here at Volume Nine. She is joining the content marketing team with experience in public relations, branding and content creation. With a background in education, real-estate and tourism she has a passion for meeting new people and making a difference in her local community.

Kimi is a Seattle native who transplanted to Colorado in 2014. In addition to her fur babies she loves bad jokes, camping, concerts and any activity that involves music and cocktails. She’s enjoying all the attractions Denver has to offer from mountains to water but still has a soft spot for Starbuck’s coffee and rainy days. She is also currently the process of writing a book – so don’t be surprised if you see her name on the New York best sellers list in the coming years.

Random Facts

Years of Marketing Experience: 8

Where were you born?

Seattle, Washington (Yes – that makes me a Seahawks fan in Broncos Country)

What is your favorite game?

If we’re talking board games – Scrabble. If we are talking video games I am in love with Fallout and Mine Craft. Yes – I know I’m a big nerd!

What is the best advertising campaign you’ve seen or heard about?

I love the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign. I may be biased because I love beer, but the Chuck Norris style campaign in relation to beer is amazing!

What was the worst Halloween costume your parents ever made you wear?

There was no individual costume that I really disliked. Instead it was the accoutrements that I was forced to wear with them. Living in Seattle, it rained most Halloweens. Therefore I was forced to wear a poncho or garbage bag over my costume to stay dry and layers upon layers of clothes under my costume to stay warm. I looked like a giant marshmallow stuffed into a trash bag with face paint on.