Mike Lynch

Digital Marketing Strategist

About Mike

Here at V9, Mike’s work as a Digital Marketing Strategist involves crafting brand strategies that help our clients win in the communities they serve. 

Mike excels at creating communications bridging brands to clients and causes to people. In fact, he played a large part in leading several multi-award-winning social media campaigns. One campaign used the power of diverse communities to drive positive voter turnout for 2020’s general election, while another spoke out on issues surrounding the homelessness crisis in SoCal.  

Mike’s distinctive talent rests in connecting people trying to figure out a solution to their most nagging problems to organizations and brands that provide the perfect solutions. His out-of-the-box thinking, unique perspectives, and various professional experiences working with clients from vastly different industries are all valuable additions to the team. Since day one here at V9, he’s been able to provide perspective into systems and best practices that he has seen work time and time again.

When he’s not working on client strategies and finding himself lost in rabbit holes looking for new approaches to delivering content, you’ll likely find him being a total nerd, studying and diving head first into the stock or crypto market, losing money – possibly a gambling problem. He also finds time to work out, sketch fashion illustrations, hang out with friends, and look for the next dive bar, brewery, or best place to grab Mexican food.

Random Facts

What is your best dance move?
I hit my two-step with a hint of Hustle, I promise I’m an old soul, not that old!

What was the 1st thing you bought with your own money?
The 1st BIG thing I purchased with my own money, that cleaned my wallet out for the subsequent 10 month was a 2003 Acura TL Type S. The smallest purchase was a Sidekick mobile phone, but my mom got mad at me for buying it and I had to take it back.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given? 
Never tell anyone your next move, just do it and show them!