Gitel Wise


About Gitel

As a Director at Volume Nine, Gitel helps create exceptional strategies and results for our clients.  With her extensive experience and past work in alternative industries, Gitel’s skillset complements the rest of the V9 team and our clients’ needs well.

Gitel’s introduction to digital marketing began in 2015, in the local SEO space, working with companies managing anywhere from 5 to 150 brick and mortar locations. Her experience quickly expanded as did her career to include broader strategy implementation via growth marketing. Today, Gitel’s expertise also spans other facets of the digital marketing space, from paid advertising and content to earned media. 

Gitel has worked at two startups in her career, from their early stages to larger-scale growth, and has even worked in food, travel, and B2B industries. From that work, she learned that she enjoys being part of a small “ideation” group in charge of strategy, and then building a larger team to help execute on the plans so the business can grow. All of that experience translates into her work here at V9.

Working with V9, Gitel says that she has loved watching the evolution of the agency to meet the ever-changing business landscape for our clients, and continually adapting to exceed expectations. Outside of her work, you can probably find Gitel traveling, hiking, spending time with her pup, small batch baking, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or watching the Denver Broncos play.

Random Facts

What is a goal that you would like to achieve in the next five years?
I’d like to learn how to garden! I hope to learn more about growing food for my family, cultivating the environmental system local to the Northeast, and nurture a little ecosystem of my own. 

What is your favorite way to spend a weekend?
Significant time outside with my family spent exploring is always my favorite. I’m a sucker for finding new, local coffee shops with freshly baked goods, and I love spending my Sundays watching football and cooking up some snacks. 

If you could take a month to travel anywhere, where would you go?
I’d love to take a boat tour through Thailand. The culture and art are beautiful and the food sounds incredible! I’d ask the locals about their favorite spots along the way to add to the itinerary.