Be a Part of The Volume Nine Team

Volume Nine Freelancers and Contractors

Calling All Digital Marketing Pros! 

Volume Nine is a Denver based digital marketing agency seeking talented freelancers, consultants, and partners to help execute marketing strategies for our clients.

If you have a proven track record of delivering client success or have an expertise in a particular marketing channel, Volume Nine would love to hear from you!

How Will We Work Together?

The Volume Nine collective consists of multiple internal account teams, freelancers, consultants, and partners working together toward achieving client success.

Our internal account teams will handle all client communication, which can vary from consultation to goal setting, to breaking down deliverables. Your role will be behind the scenes and can range from setting strategy to putting a plan into motion. Volume Nine will manage projects, and specific tasks will come from your designated point of contact.

What Kind of Work Would I Be Doing?

At Volume Nine, we take great pride in doing exciting projects for top brands. While each project is unique, examples of the types of work commonly available to freelancers include creative copywriting, campaign optimization, social media advertising, digital strategy development, technical SEO support, and web implementation.

What Systems and Technology Will I Be Expected to Use?

Volume Nine is more concerned with achieving results for our clients than we are the specific tools you use to get the job done. However, we do expect you to have an understanding of industry standard tools for your area of expertise. All freelancers are expected to be capable of navigating through a content management system, operating in Google’s Suite of tools (Google Docs, Sheets, etc.), and communicating through our freelancer management system.

How Do I Get Started With Volume Nine?

If you are interested in learning more, head over to our Partner Portal to view and apply for openings we have currently available. Qualified applicants will be contacted for a 30-minute discovery phone call.

If we both agree to move forward in the process, Volume Nine will start you off with a one-time project to acclimate you to our processes and procedures. When it is determined that the relationship is a good fit for both of us, you will have the opportunity to accept ongoing work and larger one-time projects.

Ongoing Work and Larger One-Time Projects

Freelancers, contractors, partners, and consultants who work with Volume Nine are free to accept or decline any work presented to them. We highly value the work-life balance, so if you are going on vacation, taking a temporary leave of absence, or can’t take work for any number of reasons – just let us know! That being said, once you do accept an assignment, we expect it to be completed and delivered on time.