Put your social media strategy under a microscope. 

If your brand needs direction and insight into your social media performance, begin with a social media audit. A social media audit analyzes and measures your current social media efforts and then delivers a clear, impactful go-forward plan for your brand.

Are you ready to identify social media opportunities and build an results-driving strategy for your brand?

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Social Media Audit & Strategy

In order for your brand to be successful and grow on Social Media, it is vital to develop a clear, custom Social Media strategy built around your goals. Your social channels have the potential of being the strongest tools in your marketing plan – but only if you use them correctly. If you dive in without a clear strategy, you may waste time, money, and manpower– all with poor results.

Social Media Strategy Audit

Establish Your Brand

You probably have a lot of social media questions, like how to

  • Apply brand consistency to your social voice
  • Establish credibility and authority through social proof
  • Increase brand awareness and social exposure
  • Implement successful tactics used by competitors and industry leaders

The first part of your social media audit establishes your brand, your unique value and differentiators, and what your audience looks like.

Analyze Your Current Social Media Efforts

How does your current social media strategy (or lack thereof) stack up?

Are you defining your goals and target KPIs on social media?  Do you know what’s working and what’s not working for your brand?  

Analyzing your current social media efforts allows us to see opportunities for improvement and updates within each social platform. We’ll also develop an implementation and reporting plan to track the efforts of your go-forward strategy.

Define Your Social Media Strategy

Your social media strategy should be unique, customized, and highly actionable. Within your go-forward strategy, you’ll gain insight to

  • Opportunities to build your core target audience segments on each platform.
  • The types of content your audience will interact with
  • Tools to create those different types of content
  • The top priority platforms that your brand should utilize
  • The best ways to utilize each platform (how often, when, formatting)
  • The best ways to utilize each platform for community engagement

After your social media strategy is complete, you can implement it yourself or have our team of social media experts execute it for you.

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