Video and Photography Management

Do the photos and videos on your site accurately tell your brand story and sell your products? If not, it’s time to giving your imagery a makeover. Volume Nine will work with you to create compelling, meaningful images that represent your brand and encourage customers to click that “Buy Now” button.

What is video and photography management?

A picture is worth a thousand words — what story are your brand’s images telling? Photos and videos are the first thing that visitors to your website, blog, and social media pages notice. Strong imagery can go far beyond making your site and social pages pop — it has the power to convert a first-time visitor into a loyal brand advocate.

Cohesive, strategy-focused video and photography management can help elevate your brand’s story and drive sales of your unique products and services. Video and photography management covers a wide range of services, including:

  • Comprehensive imagery strategy for your brand
  • Video storyboarding and script creation
  • On-site photo or video shoot
  • Video and photo post-production and editing
  • Video animation

Adding quality videos and photos to your website and social media pages can help drive engagement, improve brand image, increase loyalty, and sell your products or services. If you want to turn up on the volume on your brand, powerful imagery should be the first step.

What to expect with video and photography management

Behind every photo and video on your site should be a strong strategy, which is where Volume Nine’s video and photography management services begin. We’ll work with your team to outline your brand’s unique goals to ensure the imagery we’re creating aligns with your brand. Once the strategy is set, we’ll get creative. Our team will craft powerful video scripts, storyboards, and imagery outlines to help sell your products and services to your specific niche.

From there, it’s time for the fun part — the shoot! Our team will be on-location to shoot your videos and photos. Your organization can play as big or as small of a part in it as you’d like; we love direction and feedback, but we also get it if you want to focus on your job and let us work our magic. After your shoot, we’ll be hard at work with post-production edits and incorporating your team’s feedback until we have a finished product that will resonate with your target audience and help drive you closer to your brand’s goals.

Is video and photography management right for your business?

If the photos on your website look like they were taken with a low-tech potato or your videos were filmed on Mark from Accounting’s flip phone, it may be time to consider a new imagery strategy for your website. Even if you’re happy with your website images, your social pages may need some fresh new video and photos to spice up the page and drive engagements, likes, and shares. If you’re ready to make your imagery the centerpiece of your site instead of an afterthought, we’re here to help!

Ready to grow your business online?

Whether you’re trying to build brand awareness on social media or needing to drive more traffic from search engines, we’re here to help you connect with your audience and hit those strategic goals.

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