Let’s face it, it used to be that people just ate with their hands.

Now they also choose where they will dine, critique their food, and socially share their dining experience on social media in real time. Our Agency has been the digital force behind the scenes of some of the hottest restaurant brands around. 



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We love turning once empty tables into lines out the door, but putting butts in seats is not all that we do. We aspire to make your brand look cool online.  Here’s what’s in our secret sauce for restaurant digital marketing:

  • 48.9% of Diners said they seek information from a trusted friend when choosing where to eat. That is the reason you must take your social media marketing seriously.
  • Getting to know what makes your dining experience unique. What excites your chef? What do your repeat diners get excited for?
  • 83% of smartphone users said they use their phone and local search to determine where to eat when traveling. It is not just millennials, gen X, Y, and Z’ers choosing where they will eat on their smartphones it is business and baby boomers as well.
  • Your Local SEO strategy is as important as your physical locations when someone is using their mobile phone. Diners might walk right past your location on their way to your competition without lifting their head up from their phone if the map is telling them to do so.

When it comes to Social Media and Local SEO for your restaurant,  our marketing tactics are always changing and evolving to keep you relevant here are just a couple ways we have helped:

  • We increased local organic search traffic in the first 3 months of working together using a combination of organic social media engagement and improvement in its’ business listing consistency for mobile phones.
  • Helped local chain promote its second location opening in Denver using Facebook Advertising to the local community.
  • Increased visibility in mobile search results for multi-location breakfast diner in all of its’ local market searches.

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