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Be sure to have a website redesign SEO strategy when you launch your new website with our Website Redesign SEO support.

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We have seen it over and over; companies redesign their website only to see their SEO rankings disappear and organic traffic decline after they launch it.   Creating a new version of your website is one of the great risks of SEO, but you don’t have to worry about this if you have our team on your side.

SEO Website Redesign Support Includes:

  • Website Redesign Requirements: We will provide SEO feedback on your design comps, wire frames, and site maps.
  • Search Friendliness: We will provide insight into SEO best practices, particularly elements that are important to your development team.
  • Redirection: We will inventory key website pages that will need 301 redirects put in place prior to launch, so your current pages do not lose their value.
  • Optimization: We will research, identify, and map your target keywords to these specific webpages to ensure your pages are properly optimized.
  • Google Tools: We will review Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools before, during, and after launch to monitor and support the site launch.
  • Dashboard: Access to your page inventory, keyword rankings, competitive metrics and crawl history will be available for an additional 30 days after launch.

The Volume Nine SEO team will typically conduct a series of meetings with you during this process:

  1. Kickoff Meeting
  2. Redesign Requirements
  3. Dashboard Training
  4. Pre-Launch Checklist
  5. Post-Launch Findings

We have successfully supported  hundreds of website redesigns ranging from small businesses to big brands.

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