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A website redesign should refine your brand’s online visibility in the search engines, not destroy it. Implementing a solid website redesign SEO strategy can ensure your site maintains its organic traffic and even grows after launch.

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Search engine rankings and organic traffic can disappear from your website following a site launch or redesign. In fact, creating a new version of your website is one of the great risks you can take in regard to organic traffic streams. Luckily, our SEO Launch Support service protects your current rankings and ensures a successful site launch.

Our SEO Launch Support Service Includes:

  • Website Design Strategy: SEO feedback on your design comps, wireframes, and site architecture.
  • Site Redesign Audit: Provide insight into SEO best practices and search friendly elements important to your development team.
  • Redirection Redesign Plan: Inventory of site pages that will need 301 redirects put in place, so your current pages do not lose their value.
  • Content Optimization: Research, identify, and map your target keywords to specific web pages to ensure proper content optimization.
  • Google Tools: Review Google Analytics & Google Search Console before, during, and after launch to monitor and support the site launch.
  • Day of Launch Support: An SEO team member to review your site and metrics the day you launch, providing last-minute SEO issues.
  • Post Launch Findings: Expect a few weeks of ranking and traffic volatility after every launch. Once this evens out, you’ll receive a custom report on how the redesign launch went from an SEO perspective.  

Volume Nine has successfully supported hundreds of site launches ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500s.

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