A healthy lifestyle is something all of us aspire to and that doesn’t mean we have to be a fitness freak.

Our team can help you position and market your health and fitness brand to this growing category of online shoppers.

Health & Fitness Marketing

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Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle

From a lunchtime walk to running a marathon, people desire to be fit and healthy. Our team is here to help you and your marketing team:

  • Understand how your audience searches online on a local, national, and international perspective for sports, fitness and related keywords.
  • Develop healthy lifestyle website content that matches this search intent, brings new visitors to your website and encourages brand engagement and product sales.
  • Deliver a┬áhealthy stream of blog and social content that supports your organic visibility in SERP’s and Social Media.
  • Supplement promotional strategies around your marketing campaigns for things like summer activities, exclusive offers, and special events.
  • Establish a data-driven reporting process to measure the effectiveness of your marketing programs across multiple channels, segments, and campaigns.

Here are a few example of things we have done for one of our Health and Fitness clients:

  • 252 users made an online purchase after clicking on campaign ads
  • 18,935 new Facebook Followers
  • +37% increase in total Instagram followers
  • 71 Average Engagements on Instagram Posts (+52% MOM)
  • 21,986 visits to website from Social Sources (+784% YOY)
  • Conversion rate from social sources is up +783% YOY
  • Conversion Value from Social Sources is up +632.69% YOY

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