You’ve Created Your Content… Now What?

Every business, every brand and every individual have some type of content they want to share with their communities. There are different types of content being produced and published at a rate like we’ve never seen before – there are endless streams of content to be consumed online.

Content Amplification

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For businesses, the strategy of the past was to create as much content as possible. The strategy should then have morphed into focusing more on quality instead of quantity.

Once you have strong, quality pieces of content tailored and targeted for your audiences and personas, you cannot simply publish them and move on – you have to amplify them!

Volume Nine has developed this Content Amplification program for businesses and brands that have developed great, high-quality content that needs an extra boost behind it to get it in front of the right audiences. Our program will maximize the impact of your marketing dollars by putting a strategy behind your content to ensure a vast, meaningful online presence.

We think the mantra that businesses go by of “Create Great Content” needs to be changed to “Create and Promote Great Content.” That’s where our content amplification program comes in. Content amplification is more than just posting links to your content on social media channels. It’s tailoring your content (articles, blogs, infographics, videos, press releases, etc.) to be consumed by targeted, tailored segmented audiences on various channels in a meaningful way.

For instance, users engage and consume content much differently on Facebook versus Twitter – the strategy for how you promote and publish the content on each platform is carefully calculated and adjusted for best practices.

When done correctly, content amplification can build your brand’s authority in your industry, increase social signals and boost your brand awareness and exposure to the next level.

Our Content Amplification program can include:

  • Program Optimization
  • Social Platform Review
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Repurposing & Amplification
  • Social Media Advertising

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