GloPro needed a way to help consumers better understand its unique product offering in the highly competitive makeup industry. We launched a focused content campaign called #glointheknow designed to drive awareness and reach for the brand.

The campaign moved them onto page 1 for all of their top keywords, increased site impressions & clicks by 27%, and drove up to 67% improvement in social referrals.


GloProfessional sells mineral-based makeup and skincare products online via their ecomm site. The minerals and all-natural ingredients found in their products are what sets GloPro apart from the competition and make them a unique player in a very competitive industry.

However, one of the greatest challenges faced by GloPro is awareness and understanding about their unique offering. Most consumers are either unaware of the benefits of mineral makeup or are unaware altogether that it is an option.

Coming off of a successful new site launch at the end of 2015, Glo began to focus on the online promotion of the brand for the year to come. Some of the key themes for 2016 would be general brand awareness, prospect education, and positioning themselves as the industry authority on mineral makeup

The challenge for Volume Nine was to help Glo decide how to best promote the site online in light of these objectives.


The themes set out by GloPro were quite broad. General product awareness and industry leadership is a very wide net to cast. Additionally, given just how competitive this space is, we knew it would be difficult to move the needle if we tried to be too broad with our work. Therefore, one of the best ways to climb this mountain would be to start with a focused, targeted effort.

We decided to develop and launch a fully-integrated content marketing campaign. A campaign would allow us to focus on a few key goals, without losing sight of the more general objectives of the brand. It would also allow us to use multiple channels and mediums to push the campaign message, something which is very important when trying to position oneself as an industry leader.

#Glointheknow Campaign

We created and launched the ‘Glo in the Know’ campaign. The campaign had a very specific focus: it was designed to be educational and to help push the message about the benefits of mineral makeup. We wanted to not only make customers more familiar with the product, but also to help them understand why it is such an awesome alternative.

Specific Campaign Objectives

  1. Creatively position GloPro as the industry leader for mineral makeup by using multiple online channels.
  2. Increase general awareness of the brand and the benefits of the product.
  3. See improvement on the top organic keyword: ‘mineral makeup’
  4. Move their top keywords off of top of page 2 onto the first page of the SERPs.

Campaign Tactics & Outreach Methods

In order to achieve these goals, we set up multiple different content marketing methods to reach customers:

Blogging: We developed a 3 month blogging calendar (3-4 posts per month) for Glo. These long-form blogs were all topically related to awareness and education and designed to be as useful to customers as possible. Volume Nine worked with Glo to generate topic ideas, formalize them in content calendars, optimize the completed content, and help promote the posts once they went live.We also worked to strategically link blog posts to website pages to maximize their effect for both SEO and general engagement.

Influencer Outreach: Influencers are very important in this industry. We decided to identify, contact, and reach out to several dozen bloggers, content producers, and leaders in this space to help push the band. The strategy was to send product to these influencers in exchange for coverage and a reviews in their posts.

Digital Makeup Guide: We also worked with Glo to develop a digital makeup guide which could be put in front of influencers. This how-to guide was a creative asset which would get the influencers excited about the product.

Social Media Boosting: All of the campaign efforts were shared, distributed, and boosted socially by GloPro’s internal team.

SEO: We made sure that we had properly optimized the existing content on Glo’s top product and category pages prior to doing any broader content marketing effort. We needed to ensure that the existing site copy was highly targeted, optimized, and of a high enough quality & relevancy that it would resonate with both influencers and the new audiences. Additionally, all promotional efforts were linked back to the main site with one of the objectives being to enhance the overall authority and sharing presence of the top product pages.


Bottom Line: This campaign was single-handedly responsible for moving GloPro’s top keyword (‘mineral makeup’) onto the first page of Google.


Mineral Makeup Clicks & Impressions



Mineral Makeup First Page Ranking


Blog/Content Results

  • 3,046 pageviews on campaign blog posts during the campaign period
  • More than 177 social shares on campaign blog posts

Influencer Outreach Results          

  • 2 high quality posts on targeted influencer blogs with high engagement – 226 total post engagements
  • Strong social promotion across all channels

Social Media Results

  • 21% increase in social media conversions compared to previous period
  • 36% increase in Facebook referral traffic compared to previous period
  • 67% increase in Twitter referral traffic compared to previous period

Social Media Referral Traffic


SEO Results

  • Moved ‘mineral makeup’ keyword up to page 1 and maintained page 1 ranking.
  • Improved ‘mineral makeup’ keyword impressions 27%.
  • Increased ‘mineral makeup’ clicks 14% compared to previous period.