Influencer Engagement

Influencers are building large audiences online and on social media. Are you tapping into them? Our influencer engagement services help your brand build key relationships that can result in short- and long-term wins for everyone involved. With our influencer engagement services, we help you engage with and leverage (real) influencers to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, increase your following, improve link profiles, and more.

What is influencer engagement?

Influencers are an increasingly popular component of businesses’ marketing strategies. Because these influencers — individuals with a strong social or online following who promote products and services — come with a built-in audience, they’re the Holy Grail of online marketing for some brands. But to tap into their audience, you need to engage with these influencers properly.

Influencer engagement is all about identifying and creating key relationships, and making sure the influencers you work with actually have a following. To engage and work with legitimate influencers, brands need a process for outreach, vetting, and agreements. This streamlines the process, but you’ll also need to know where to find influencers — and how to get their attention. That’s why working with social media experts who understand influencer strategies is key.

What to expect from influencer engagement

Here at V9, we know that a lot of people call themselves an influencer, but just the title alone does not an influencer make. That’s why we offer influencer engagement services that provide the team, tools, and templates your brand needs to be able to separate the wannabes from the real users with influence. On top of that, our experienced influencer marketing experts will help you develop lasting relationships with your influencers – whether they are writers, photographers, musicians, fashion icons, or yogis. But it all starts with ID’ing your ideal influencers.

Influencer identification is the most important part of V9’s influencer services, and we tap into our own network to find authentic people with whom your audience already engages. In this stage, we’ll also cover budgeting, strategy, timeline, platforms, and scope of the outreach. This is also where we decide on and structure your influencer offer, i.e. Do you want to provide free product in return for a featured post? Create a contest? Offer a discount code? We’ll work through this with you to make sure you provide a valuable return on the influencer’s time.

From there, our team works with yours to develop templates for outreach, including correct messaging, links, images, and super-clear instructions. We also provide frequent communication with influencers, answering questions and providing updates. Once each post has gone live and any contest periods have closed, V9’s influencer team will report back on engagement, social reach, sharing, comments, and traffic that the campaign generated. We’ll also demonstrate the ways this can impact SEO, other marketing campaigns, brand awareness, and more.

Is influencer engagement right for your business?

If your business is struggling to really connect with your target audience, or stand out amongst competitive brands who already take up space, influencer engagement is a worthy investment. Social media has brought about a new era of consumers, one where users are highly connected and make purchase decisions based on what they read and see online. But influencers have a special effect on their audience: 4 in 10 Millennials (the demographic with the largest purchasing power) say their favorite influencer understands them better than their friends. If you want to get “in” with your target audience, look where they’re looking.

Not sure influencer engagement will get you the ROI you need? When done well, influencer marketing can earn $6.50 for each dollar spent. V9 can help you determine if influencer outreach will get you those kind of results, then set you up for success. If you’re ready to start outreach, connect with us first.

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