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Email is a medium that’s too often overlooked.  Effective email generates new and repeat business that will build your brand loyalty over time.  With its low costs of delivery to your current list, email often provides the highest ROI of any digital marketing tactic.

Email Marketing Audit

It’s fairly easy to launch an email marketing campaign with good intentions, but when it comes time to actually seeing how your campaign performs? That’s where it gets scary. Understanding ROI is a vital part of email marketing. That’s why we offer email marketing audits to gather, analyze, and judge the success of your email marketing efforts.

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Email Marketing Management

Even with the rise of social media and other marketing tactics, email marketing continues to dominate. So what is your brand doing to get into your audience’s inbox? With email marketing management from V9, you’ll be able to put out content that’s just right for your audience so you can stay top of mind — and inbox — without draining internal resources.

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Email Marketing Strategy

The effectiveness of email marketing is undeniable. Unfortunately, you only see results if your brand has an intentional, targeted email marketing strategy in place. An exceptional email marketing strategy goes beyond basic email creation and cuts straight to the meat of who, what, when, and how — so your emails actually get opened instead of trashed.

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Email for Charlie’s Soap

It’s been live for around four hours and we’ve already gotten 97 orders. Everyone wear your roller skates tomorrow…we are going to be busy. This has been our most successful in house coupon campaign to date, all within the first 5 days.

-Ken Woodyard

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