How Storytelling Creates Brand Loyalists

How Storytelling Creates Brand Loyalists

Stories stick. When you share a moment from your past, you probably relay it in story form to give your listener additional context. This makes the information more relatable, have purpose and easy to remember.

Brands have discovered this storytelling approach also works for influencing consumers online, establishing a brand identity, growing their audiences and, in turn, boosting e-commerce sales.

Spinnaker Support, which provides assistance navigating Oracle and SAP, recently published a post on their company blog that goes beyond the usual troubleshooting and how-to content a software support company generally offers.

How Storytelling Creates Brand Loyalists

The article Women in STEM Fields: Stories of Success and Support takes a behind-the-screens look at several female employees and how they found their way into technology careers. Not only does the article shed light on the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields, but it also lets current and potential customers learn more about some of the staff, beyond their support roles.

Readers may see themselves reflected in the women’s journeys, or simply admire their dedication to their career path, then feel inspired to reach out and learn more about Spinnaker Support’s services  — or consider a career in STEM themselves. That’s a win-win for readers and Spinnaker Support.

How We Remember Great Marketing

Research published in The Journal of Marketing Research from the American Marketing Association finds the viral nature of online content is influenced by its emotional nature and resulting physiological arousal. It’s believed the characteristics of the content influence how your audience will respond, and if they will become dedicated fans, and hopefully consumers, of your product or service.

Doug Stevenson is the CEO and owner of Story Theater International. He’s coached sales trainers and businesses leaders in the art of storytelling for business for more than 20 years. He says stories (versus other types of message relay) are memorable and when a listener recalls the point you made, it becomes actionable. In marketing speak, those actions translate to click-throughs and responses to our calls-for-action.

Storytelling subconsciously conjures up images and feelings that allow us to make an emotional connection to the information being presented. When a business does this well, their audience sticks around. Loyalty and trust are established.

For example, a2 Milk USA partnered with Joy Bauer to tell the story of how their milk is different than other brands and why it matters. There’s no sales push or store locator mentioned in the following video. It’s simply quality storytelling that serves to inform and inspire viewers to think about their nutritional needs and do what’s best for their bodies.

Joy Bauer Visits the Farm

Joy Bauer heads to Hourigan’s Farm in New York to learn about how a2 Milk® is disrupting the dairy industry.Watch the full story here!

Posted by a2 Milk USA on Saturday, June 16, 2018

How to Approach Effective Storytelling

Stories presented in a clear, captivating way surpass data sharing when it comes to being persuasive and relatable, explains Gregory Ciotti, a Content Marketing Lead at Shopify, in an article written for Psychology Today about the psychology of storytelling.

This approach to content creation encourages us to imagine a scenario, allowing our brains to drift to another place (away from all that multitasking we do) and razor focus on the information being presented.

A story becomes engaging by:

  • utilizing suspense so we wonder what’s coming next
  • creating detailed imagery both with words and pictures
  • relating to human motivations that we identify with
  • showing the possibility of transformation and change for the better
  • using classic literary techniques, such as metaphors, to help the story settle into our minds
  • writing for your audience, within the context of their needs and desires

These approaches work across all digital content, from video-based social media updates to blog post and e-books. And, they’re most memorable when the conclusion of the story is positive and triumphant.

Are you intrigued by the idea of telling stories about your company and the benefits, back story or features of your products and services? The editorial team at Volume Nine is ready to help you create storytelling-focused content so you can connect with your readers in a meaningful, memorable way. Let’s chat about your digital marketing needs.

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