19 Content Ideas for DMOs (Destination Marketing Organizations)

19 Content Ideas for DMOs (Destination Marketing Organizations)

When it comes to content ideation for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), the bar is set high. Many travel offices, visitors bureaus and tourism boards maintain a daily publishing schedule to compete with local news outlets and travel bloggers who report on similar events, attractions and offers.

For example, Visit Big Sky entices outdoor enthusiasts to Montana’s scenic canyons, mountains and rivers. This DMO is currently focused on promoting winter recreation and adventure by sharing content related to a range of expected and uncommon activities, from skiing and sleigh rides, to snowcoach tours and winter fly fishing.

Visit Big Sky

One innovative way they connect with their audience is by pulling readers’ Instagram snaps into their website to show the authentic beauty and versatility of Big Sky. We also admire the trip planner, shopping guide and events calendar that take this DMO beyond a traditional travel website filled with lists of area tourist attractions.

This year, we want to help you stay ahead of the competition. Here are 19 content ideas you can customize for your DMO and target audience, whether they’re locals or visitors, hoping to learn more about the destination you represent.

19 Content Ideas for DMOs (Destination Marketing Organizations)

The best online content uses creative angles and digs deep to tell stories that resonate with readers. Use these ideas as a starting point for your next editorial calendar brainstorming session.

  1. Feature local, uncommon artists. Be sure they have a public studio or workshop that people can visit and see the artwork up close and in-progress, after reading your post.
  2. Give a tour. Promote local business by crafting a behind-the-scenes video tour of features guests generally don’t see. Think of showing the backstage of a theatre, archives of a museum or kitchen of a new restaurant.
  3. Talk to kids. Post a Q &A with local children about what they love at their hometown amusement park, carnival or annual special event. This unique perspective puts a youthful spin on a topic you’ve written about many, many times.
  4. Do a photo story. Grab a camera and show readers what’s amazing about something new in your community. Maybe it’s the opening of an art exhibit or the change in seasons at the park.
  5. Celebrate unique milestones.  Tell the story of a 50-year employee who is retiring from a well-known business or the corner ice cream shop that’s serving its one-millionth hot fudge sundae.
  6. Give travel tips. Visitors aren’t always aware of construction and detours. Share alternate, but scenic, routes that take them past points of interest, even if it adds a few miles to their itinerary.
  7. Post a recipe. Have a new restaurant or bar share how to make a seasonal treat with your readers. Then, encourage them to visit the establishment to try all the tasty options on the menu.
  8. Feature a couple. When promoting a reception hall or wedding venue, ask a recently married couple if you can do a story about their special day and share some of their photos for a personalized approach.
  9. Hold a contest. Ask readers to help come up with a theme for a DMO-sponsored event, such as a home show or carnival. Celebrate the winner by publishing their photo and winning idea.
  10. Showcase the little guy. Put a spotlight on the entrepreneurs in town and how much uniqueness they add to the community with their services or products. DMO content ideas
  11. Do round-up lists. Create posts that feature the 10 best of anything to help visitors decide where to go. Consider guides to casual dining restaurants, kid friendly hotels, family friendly tourist attractions and pet friendly parks.
  12. Post a monthly calendar article. Even if you have a calendar feature on your website, generate a monthly blog post that explains “What’s happening in June in Our City” to attract more date-specific attention.
  13. Interview performers. Musicians, comedians and any visiting talent might grant you a quick interview by phone (before they arrive) that can turn into an enticing feature story and draw a larger audience.
  14. Dig into history. Write blog posts about old legends, historical sites and lesser known details of popular locations. Feature photos of artifacts and old scanned images, if possible.
  15. Share work-life stats. If your DMO represents a large metropolitan area, write up a glowing review of the city’s positive ranking on the best places to live and work reports or awards its won.
  16. Highlight the schools. Families planning a move will always want to know about the school districts and their features. Point out the characteristics of unique curriculums or specialized opportunities for students.
  17. Create a transportation guide. Share how locals maneuver the city and what’s best for visitors, with links to maps, rates and schedules.
  18. List your complimentary services. Do you offer a free walking tour of the city every Sunday afternoon? Does the casino have free ice cream on Mondays? Give budget conscious readers an inside peek at things they can do without a fee.
  19. Share targeted guides. This might be more of a blog series, but targeting your key audiences (i.e. families, retirees, honeymooners, singles, etc.) with city guides that cater to their types of interests can funnel the right types of people to specific destinations.

    Are you loving these content ideas? We’re happy to help you fill your editorial calendar each month with fresh perspectives customized for your readers. If you need help beyond audience identification and ideation, our talented team can create feature articles, blogs post, social media updates, infographics and so much more. Contact Volume Nine today to learn how we can bolster your DMO’s digital marketing needs.