Why ‘Blog and Publish’ Isn’t a Marketing Strategy

Why ‘Blog and Publish’ Isn’t a Marketing Strategy

You attended a handful of lunch n’ learns and content marketing conferences this year. After dabbling with the company blog using tips gleaned from these learning sessions … crickets. What gives?  As a growing brand manager, you recognize the need to overhaul your content plan for the new year, but just don’t know where to start. We get it.

Your approach needs to be more intentional and structured.

“Sixty-two percent of the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy versus 16 percent of the least successful,” according to the Content Marketing Institute.

That’s a huge variable that you have control over. Let’s make a few changes to your content marketing planning.

Wing-it is Out, Strategic Thinking is In

Blogging is a buzzword in the content marketing community. But, if this one tactic isn’t supported with a comprehensive, documented content marketing plan, it’s like shouting your brand messaging from a mountaintop hoping your ideal customers happen to be on the trails below to hear you. That doesn’t sound very efficient, or effective, right?

By creating an intentional content marketing plan, you can:

  • discover where and when your ideal customers are online
  • provide relevant content to that target audience
  • trigger audience behaviors to reach company goals
  • build brand awareness through consistent, cohesive content dissemination
  • attract new, prospective customers to your brand
  • become a trusted, innovative leader in your industry
  • increase brand engagement and revenue

Sound good? Let’s start by taking a step back and understanding why we’re creating content in the first place, who it’s for and how to build credibility with the audience.

Why 'Blog and Publish' Isn't a Marketing Strategy

3 Digital Marketing Strategy First Steps

You need a roadmap. The following groundwork provides the foundation for content that generates leads your sales team can pursue — all while creating brand awareness and company growth. We suggest adding these tasks to your next content marketing strategy session so your blogging efforts can be customized for your company’s documented mission.

1. Define your goals.

In content marketing, goals go far beyond sales projections. Instead, lean into your brand messaging and how you can integrate those ideals into your daily online communications.

Do you want to…

  • be empathetic toward your customer’s concerns?
  • provide educational materials to help your audience make decisions?
  • be known as a thought leader in a growing niche?
  • stand out from your competitors?
  • introduce new ideas into the marketplace?

Any of these intentions can be achieved via blog posts, white papers, e-books and social media posts created as part of your content marketing strategy.

2. Understand your audience.

Spend time with the analytics behind your website and social media accounts to learn who visits your feeds and clicks through to your product pages. Is your content actually targeting the most active tier of that demographic by using effective search-engine optimized keywords?

Create buyer or audience personas so everyone with a hand in your content strategy knows who they’re speaking to and can create content that resonates with the beliefs, ideals and life experiences of your audience.

You might learn that your loyal fans heavily linger on Instagram while you’re spending most of your efforts on the company blog. Maybe it’s time to shift your Instagram posting approach to guide those devoted readers back to the blog so they’re a little closer to your shopping cart feature or contact link.

3. Create a calendar.

Consistency and routine build momentum behind your brand. Soon your readers will look forward to that new blog post every Wednesday morning or monthly white paper in their inbox. They will rely on you for quality information.

Use an editorial calendar to map out each task from content ideation and creation to publication. Then, decide how you can re-purpose the content to keep the topic fresh for your viewers. Can a blog post be finessed into a podcast or YouTube video so it reaches a wider audience?

Blogging as a content marketing tool increases in effectiveness when fueled with intentional brand goals and defined audience needs.

Would you like one-on-one guidance with your brand’s content marketing plan? The Volume Nine team can assist with everything from audience identification and goal-setting, to creating SEO friendly content for your blog. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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