Google Updates: What You Need to Know about Google’s Latest Changes

Google Updates: What You Need to Know about Google’s Latest Changes

Wondering what the recent Google updates are? We’re here for ya. Find out which of these changes in Google Search to Google Search Console might help transform the way you plan your online strategy and grow your business!

Google has so many products! Like, have you ever heard of Google Fonts? It’s a library of over 800 fonts with an interactive directory for browsing the library. APIs are provided to easily employ the fonts via CSS and Android.

Let’s focus on some major Google offerings and their latest updates.

Google Search Updates

In their ongoing quest to help us find more comprehensive, useful and quick answers to search queries, Google has made some major changes on search result pages in 2018 including expandable featured snippets and multifaceted featured snippets. More recently, we’ve seen changes like:

The Chrome Browser Facelift

Google has given the Chrome browser its first redesign in a decade, including a new look, new mobile layout, and new features that can be seen across all platforms—desktop, Android, and iOS.

BTW, if you don’t like the changes you’re seeing, Google does encourage you to submit our grievances using the feedback link at the bottom of search result pages.

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Google Branded Panel Update

A recent 2018 Knowledge Panel update enables you to verify your branded or personal panel and change or add information in it. Find out what branded knowledge panels are, if they are useful, whether or not your company should have one, and more, here.

Algorithm Updates

Google updates its search algorithm in small and large ways hundreds of times each year. Knowing the dates and details of these updates can help us research and rebound from ranking and organic traffic changes.

On August 1st, Google confirmed a broad core algorithm update, dubbed “Medic”, causing large-scale impact in search results for all verticals, but especially affecting health and wellness sites.

Google Analytics Updates

Cross-Device Capabilities

New Cross-Device Reporting in Analytics provides insight into the customer journey across their devices and engagement on your website, enabling you to deliver tailored experiences through smarter campaigns.

Google Optimize

Running site experiments and tests are the best ways to improve the performance of your website. Now it’s easier to manage and measure these experiments with three new Google Optimize features.

Data Studio Update

Google’s free data visualization and reporting tool is out of beta and generally available. Data Studio allows you to access, visualize and interactively explore data from Analytics,  Ads, YouTube, and more – actually 500 more Google and non-Google data sources, share insights with others and offers real-time collaboration.

The New Google Search Console

After being tested for more than a year, the new Search Console is also out of beta with new features including a “manual actions” section and a “Test Live” feature for the URL inspection tool. The new GSC is laid out a LOT differently than the old version. Take some time to explore it!  

Google Ads Updates

You can get the most recent Google Ads updates right from the source, including:

  • How to ensure that you’re fully measuring call performance using the new account-level call reporting.
  • Shoppable Image ads that allow businesses to highlight shopping ads on curated, published content from our Google partners.
  • Video in Showcase Shopping ads that enables shoppers to engage with your products more deeply.

Stay ahead of the game and discover upcoming changes to Google Ads!

Google for Retail

Did you know all of THIS was available to you?

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Google Shopping

There have been a lot of recent changes related to Google Shopping:

  • Recent changes in the way ads appear on the results page and to the auction behind the ads
  • New tools for retailers to track & increase in-store sales from online shoppers (handy for the upcoming holiday season!)
  • More new features for retail advertisers including local inventory ad unit for GDN and product pricing benchmarks.
  • Purchases on Google” has arrived for selected global retailers.

Google Maps Updates

Did you know more than one billion people use Google Maps every month? Recently they’ve made product changes to Place Details, the Places Library, Maps JavaScript API and added a New Place Search feature, “Find Place”. API keys are also now required.

Local SEO Updates


Google frequently makes changes related to Local SEO. Two of the most recent GMB changes are:

  • Google Posts now support 1,500 characters, much more than the 300 characters allowed previously.
  • You can now edit Google My Business Review replies directly in the Knowledge Panel.

This handy timeline of Local SEO changes is updated weekly for you!

GMB Insights

Insights, which provides Google My Business analytics, has expanded their data to include more types of searches that get included in GMB reporting.

Google Partners Changes

Many of the Google Partners site features have moved to the Partners program tab in the new Google Ads experience, and some features have been completely removed.

If you’d like to learn more about these Google updates, or how you can use them to your advantage when scoping you’re next project, contact Volume Nine today! We have experts ready to guide you through all these Google features so that you can implement your best strategy ever!