Volume Nine August Employee Spotlight

Volume Nine August Employee Spotlight

Name: Brian Lich

Title: Senior SEO Specialist

Years at Volume Nine: Soon-to-be 4 years

Why were you chosen for our August employee spotlight?

I think it might have something to do with many of my far more interesting coworkers having already completed their Spotlight…? Haha.

I also think Volume Nine wanted to give me a shout out for completing the Boulder Ironman 70.3 during August, so hey, I’ll take it.

Brian Lich Volume Nine Employee Iron Man 2018

Tell us more about your accomplishment:

I really enjoy endurance sports and physical tests of basically any variety. Putting in months of hard work, day after day and focusing on a singular goal is something I find especially rewarding and cathartic. So in this case, combining swimming, cycling and running into one event… in this case being the Ironman, seemed like a natural progression of testing limits.

I think the desire and belief in hard work for a return runs parallel with how I approach my work, specifically in ways relating to content marketing, link-building, and long-term SEO results. These things take a lot of time and a sustained, dedicated effort. While quick wins absolutely exist in the digital marketing world, the patient and dedicated approach typically reaps a greater benefit.

What is the best part of working for V9?

Easy. The teammates who I get to spend my days with are among the best I’ve ever had.

Everyone at Volume Nine seems to bring something a little different to the table. Being a small company, V9 allows for these unique traits and talents to shine through and be recognized + utilized in a big way.

What excites you about the future of Digital Marketing?

The continued rise of a people-first marketing approach is what gives me optimism and excites me for the future of this industry. Let’s keep that going, please.

Who is your favorite influencer to follow on social media?

Kevin Scott Batchelor is a Boulder-based photographer who primarily specializes in shooting cycling. His work motivates me to take better photos, spend more time on two wheels and go on bigger adventures. He’s got an amazing eye, and I’m a big fan of the images he’s able to capture my favorite sport.

If a sitcom was made about life at V9, who would play you, and why?

I’d like to think one of Hollywood’s top leading actors such as Christian Bale, Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling, but if we’re being honest here, it’d probably be Jason Segel. Specifically, the Jason Segel-type who wears sweatpants in the afternoon and eats giant amounts of cereal from mixing bowls.

What is your most embarrassing moment as a marketing professional?

I’ve been known to get quite embarrassed and flustered on remote days during which my dog decides to be more vocal than I am. I can never find that mute button fast enough.

Jasper, if you’re reading this, keep it down buddy.

What is your proudest moment as a marketing professional?

Whew. That’s tricky.

I can point to a few different initiatives which have made me proud while benefiting clients in a great way, but my most sincere answer surrounds client calls, strategy meetings, and brainstorms when all parties involved collectively “get it.”

It gives me a lot of pride to run meetings as the primary consultant, pitch the strategy, purpose and ultimately, get universal buy-in across teams. So it’s not so much a singular moment, but instead, a series of moments with a positive end-result that makes me the proudest.

Aside from V9, what has been your favorite job and why?

Ah, this is the easiest answer I’ve been able to give while completing this survey: Blockbuster.

With zero sarcasm intended, working for a few years behind the counter of my dearly departed Blockbuster Video was an experience I’ll forever cherish. I may have been paid in pennies, but what I lacked in income, I more than made up for in free rentals. It goes without saying I love movies (ahem, I mean films) and having the ability to endlessly watch the most insane, obscure copies I could get my hands on was so much fun.

Tell us about your favorite guilty pleasure (or at least one you’re willing to admit).

Chocolate milk.

But please don’t waste my time with 1% or 2%. Whole Chocolate Milk for the win.

We want to send a big thank you to Brian for taking time out of his busy running, working, cereal-eating schedule to answer our employee spotlight questions. We are so proud of the many accomplishments that V9 employees take pride in.

To learn more about Brian or our amazing SEOContent Marketing Team – contact us today. We’d love to help you build a steady stream of online leads and sales.