Facebook Stories for Business: What You Need to Know

Facebook Stories for Business: What You Need to Know

Storytelling has fascinated people for ages. When you combine it with modern digital marketing, a powerful mix is created. As a business, the storytelling tools that are available for your company can help increase brand exposure, create a community around your brand, and even boost your bottom line.

One of the emerging storytelling features is Facebook Stories, which enables users to create pictures and short videos that will vanish 24 hours after posting. While Facebook Stories haven’t caught on as quickly as Snapchat or Instagram Stories, recent additions to the feature make it a powerful tool for your business to include in your social media marketing plan.

What’s new?

Facebook originally brought Stories to the platform in 2017 and recently added additional settings. The updates enhance functionality, particularly for businesses. The sticker option allows you to add locations, weather, or tag people. Additionally, stories and mentions now appear in user notifications, and polls will be available for use in stories shortly.

Some changes have come to Instagram, as well. The app now automatically offers fullscreen support for Instagram Stories ads. This will give the ad a fullscreen format and adjust the text. It is also possible to add a destination link to the story.

Should you be interested in Facebook Stories for business?

Until now, the feature was available only on Facebook’s mobile app. However, it will soon become possible to use it on the desktop site as well. The platform wants Facebook Stories to become the new Newsfeed, once more users start using the feature. Mark Zuckerberg envisions that stories will replace the static posts currently on user’s homepage.

The new updates and envisioned future of Facebook Stories mean that now is the perfect time for your business to start incorporating regular Facebook Stories into your marketing plan. Below are some tips for creating a story your users will love and engage with.

Tips and tricks for creating an engaging story

Post educational videos

Your customers don’t want to watch a story of you selling your product outright. Instead, use Facebook and Instagram Stories to position your brand as a thought leader in the field. If you’re a natural makeup company, share a guide to the best brushes for makeup application. If you sell fishing supplies, give viewers a glimpse of your favorite fishing spot in your area.

Turn Facebook Stories into journeys

Take the audience along not only for important events or product presentations but also during regular days at the office. Sharing more about your friendly and hard-working staff members will help you earn trust and connect viewers with the people behind your awesome product or service.

Get people excited

Just because you don’t blatantly sell your products doesn’t mean you can’t feature them in your Facebook story. Film customer testimonials about the experience they had with your product or service, showcase your product working in action or share a new, unreleased product with viewers to get them excited.

Keep your tone consistent

Even though Facebook Stories may feel casual, it doesn’t mean that you should immediately start using slang and emojis in your story.  Keep with the brand tone you’ve established on other social media channels. If you’ve stuck to a professional voice in your social media posts, carry that over to your story. On the other hand, if you’re known for your tongue-in-cheek, humorous tone in blogs and posts, integrate that fun vibe in your Facebook Story.

We hope these tips have set you up for success when your business starts creating Facebook and Instagram Stories. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by these features, reach out to the social media team at Volume Nine – we’re here to help!