How to Stream Live Video on Facebook

How to Stream Live Video on Facebook

Initially created for celebrities, Facebook Live became available to the general public in 2016. Now all users can broadcast live videos on Facebook through their computer or mobile devices, and the feature has quickly gained popularity among influencers and brands.

When creating a Facebook Live video, you can answer questions in real time or broadcast events to people who can’t attend themselves. Once you create a live video, it will remain on your page after the broadcast ends so viewers who missed it will be able to view it later. When done right, this type of video marketing helps to grow your audience, increase brand exposure, and engage followers.

Below, we provide an overview of how to stream live video on Facebook, including best practices, what to avoid, and how to promote and amplify the finished product.

How to stream live video on Facebook

Setting up a live video

When you’re logged in on desktop, just click on the Live Video option, located at the top of the News Feed. Add a description to the video, then click “Go Live”.  

If you use iOS, tap on “Live Video” in the Facebook app, then hit “Continue”. Android users should tap on “Go Live”, then “Continue”. Give the video a compelling title and choose the level of privacy you’d like your video to have.

Both Facebook iOS and Android apps allow you to add effects. Tech-savvy users can also opt for broadcasting live videos through streaming software.

What to do

  • Pay attention to the surrounding environment to minimize any background noise or lighting problems that might affect the quality of the video.
  • Set the privacy setting to ‘Only Me’ and test everything by starting a private broadcast. By doing so, you’ll be able to notice any issues and fix them before going live.
  • Include an introduction, as it might take a few minutes before people join in. Always greet them at the beginning, and thank them at the end.
  • If you want your audience to do something, include a call to action (CTA) in the video – even if it’s just asking them to comment or interact with the video.

What not to do

Beware of copyright infringement – don’t include other people’s work in your video, as infringement leads to content flagging and removal. Copyright infringement can happen if you play recorded music in the background or your live stream includes videos or parts of movies during the broadcast. Streaming live performances can also trigger content takedown.

How to promote your Facebook Live video

Apart from promoting the video on Facebook before and after filming, don’t shy away from using other social media networks as well. Provide a link to the video and advertise the content on all platforms your followers are active on.

Before filming

Facebook notifies your followers when you start broadcasting live, but it’s still crucial to generate interest before filming to maximize the number of views.

Announce your followers a few days in advance that you’re planning to go live. Share daily updates, but don’t be repetitive. Each time you talk about the live video, highlight some new information that you will be sharing.

Pay attention to the time zone. Make sure you stream when your target audience is most likely to be available. Never stream when your audience will likely be working or sleeping.

After filming

Once your video is finished, plan to share it on different social media networks regularly to keep it in your follower’s mind. You can also repurpose the content by uploading it to YouTube, adding it to the newsletter or creating related blog posts.

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