How Content Marketing Boosted a New Product’s Brand Awareness [Case Study]

How Content Marketing Boosted a New Product’s Brand Awareness [Case Study]

We were excited when a local Colorado health and wellness company reached out to us for help spreading the word about their flagship product.  Not only is their new product incredibly innovative, but they are also dedicated to getting their supplement to underserved communities who need it the most.  We partnered with their team to drive brand awareness through content marketing – see the results below.

The Goals

  1. Increase organic traffic and visits to the site, measured by website sessions to the pages and blog from organic traffic.
  2. Increase rankings for relevant keywords, measured by the number of keywords ranking in SERPs for product pages.

The Strategy

With an emerging industry and an inspiring brand story, we jumped at the opportunity to educate consumers about the new product and its benefits through a targeted content strategy. Our plan includes:

Creating a targeted blogging strategy

We developed a blogging strategy to target specific keywords related to diarrhea and gut health. The website was very light on evergreen content, so the majority of keyword captures and traffic driven to the site had to come from blog posts. The blogging strategy included several monthly blogs optimized with focus keywords to bring top-of-the-funnel organic traffic to the blog.

Developing creative assets

To complement the blogging strategy, we also developed quarterly creative assets to drive brand awareness and consumer engagement. Infographics designed by our team were designed to capture relevant keywords, provide important information to the target audience, and increase brand visibility.

The Results

Goal #1) Increase organic traffic and visits to the  site


Goal #2) Increase rankings for relevant keywords


Bonus results

  • 5 of the top 10 landing pages on the site were blog posts.
  • New users to the blog increased by 1,519% compared to the previous year.

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