Volume Nine March Employee Spotlight

Volume Nine March Employee Spotlight

Name: Kelsey Anderson

Title: Content Marketing Specialist

Years at Volume Nine: 4

Why were you chosen for our March employee spotlight?

“I have a pretty cool side hustle: dancing, teaching, and choreographing. This month, I’m heading to Dallas, TX to work with National Dance Alliance on their 2018 curriculum. I’ve been working with them for the past ten years, starting as a camp staffer before moving up to college staffer, judge, and choreographer.

I also teach dance locally in Denver at two studios: EVQ Dance and Tara Cluck Dance Studio.”

Tell us more about your accomplishment:

“Dance and teaching is something I’ve been extremely passionate about since I was in high school. Being able to continue this hobby-turned-part time job is something I’m proud of. It enhances my creativity, leadership, teaching, and relationships in Denver.”

What is the best part of working for V9?

“The work-life balance. Considering my accomplishment/hobby is a part-time job, I’m incredibly grateful that I can balance my job at Volume Nine and dance without stress.”

What excites you about working in Digital Marketing?

“The fact that any brand, big or small, has the power to make a difference, disrupt an industry, or make millions — all they need is digital marketing (a good brand story helps too).”

What is your favorite quote?

“If you can’t get out of it, you might as well get into it.”

“This quote helps me when I’m feeling unenthused about my day, a project, or just need some positivity!”

Who is your favorite influencer to follow on social media?

“Lindy West, a movie critic who was thrust into feminist activism by a single blog post (again why digital marketing is powerful).

She actually deleted her Twitter account in protest, but I keep up with her on Facebook.”

What is your most embarrassing moment as a marketing professional?

“Whenever I’m talking on a client call and cannot recall a (very) simple, obvious word. This happens a lot.”

What is your proudest moment as a marketing professional?

“Each time I recall the words I want to use.”

Aside from V9, what has been your favorite job and why?

“Teaching at my first dance studio: Starstruck PAC in Lenexa, KS. It was the studio I went to in high school, so being able to teach there in college was amazing.”

Tell us about your favorite guilty pleasure (or at least one you’re willing to admit).

“I love trash-pop like Hyper Crush, Kesha, and Charli XCX.”


At Volume Nine, we are so proud of our employees and everything that they do, in and out of the office. We want to thank Kelsey for taking time out of her day to answer our questions. Stay tuned in April for another employee spotlight.

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