How to Choose the Right Photos for Facebook and Instagram

How to Choose the Right Photos for Facebook and Instagram

Internet users have shared over 30 billion photos, with over 80 million new snaps posted each day. With this volume of photos on your fan’s newsfeeds every day, your brand has to establish a solid image strategy on social media to stand out.   

Fortunately, choosing great images for social media isn’t rocket science. By setting some guidelines for your images, you can make a splash on your user’s feeds and drive engagement with your brand. Here’s how to choose the right Facebook and Instagram photos.

Forget about poor-quality stock images

Your basic stock photos likely won’t get too many shares or engagement. Quality matters most than quantity, so only post first-rate photos, preferably of original content that fits in with your branding.

Stick to the recommended image sizes

Facebook and Instagram photos have recommended sizes that make them visible on any device. Don’t add lots of text in the picture – most users browse social media on their mobile, and they likely won’t take the time to zoom in on the text in the image.

Keep the same color tone

Using a coordinating color tone across images can pack a powerful punch, especially on Instagram. Whether you choose bold, contrasting colors or stick with a monochrome color palette, presenting a coordinated look on social media will help cement your brand image. For color mastery inspiration, browse the Knot to Self and By Chloe feeds.

Include people

Photos with faces get, on average, 38% more likes. You can feature customers using your products or present team members. Featuring people on your feed turns your company from a faceless corporation into a friendlier one to which fans can relate.

Make things fun

Depending on your brand, sharing funny images on Facebook and Instagram can drive engagement and help your brand stand out on feeds. However, make sure that the images align with your brand image – if you share mostly professional pics, a funny cat meme will likely only cause confusion, not engagement.

Post carousel ads

Carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram are a powerful way to tell a story or illustrate how to use a product. One report says that they are ten times better at getting people to click through compared to static Facebook ads.

You can use A/B testing to see which Facebook and Instagram photos perform better. If you notice that your audience engages well with a certain type of imagery, integrate it more into your advertising.

If you don’t want to tackle your social media photos and strategy alone, reach out to the social media branding team at Volume Nine! We’re here to help you design the perfect social strategy for your brand.