Our 2018 Social Media Predictions

Our 2018 Social Media Predictions

From Facebook’s role in the presidential elections to Twitter serving as Trump’s soapbox, social media dominated headlines in 2017. Social media has inarguably become a mainstay in the lives of billions of people across the globe, and the influence of the sites can’t be understated. We asked our social media team to look into their crystal ball and predict the changes that we’ll see in social media in 2018. Let’s check out what the future holds for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Personalized Social Media Content

In 2018, personalizing and targeting social media ads will be essential for online brands. With Facebook’s incredibly robust targeting capabilities, there’s no reason why your social ads shouldn’t appeal directly to your target customer. We predict brands will start putting more resources into personalizing social media ads, specifically regarding dynamic retargeting. Studies are showing that the more personalized the content, the more sales!

The Rise of Micro-Influencers

Including influencers in your social media strategy isn’t new. However, for a lot of brands, working with big influencers can break the budget now that influencers are demanding the big bucks. Using micro-influencers – defined as social users who have a following of 1,000-10,000 – can be more cost-effective and more impactful since the micro influencer’s audience is probably more likely to engage and be a part of a niche community.

More Advertising Transparency on Facebook

After facing multiple scandals in 2017, including faulty video ad reporting and selling ads to Russia, we predict that Facebook will give advertisers even more transparency to their black box of data. These insights may quell theories that Facebook is listening in on our conversations – they may just be really good at collecting and interpreting data.

Storytelling Is the New Marketing

In 2018, brands are going to have to establish a strong and memorable brand story and message. All top- and middle-of-the-funnel social media marketing efforts will need to revolve around that story to cut through the noise and make connections with their target audiences. Brands will have to ensure that their story is consistent across channels – does the website match what you’re posting on social? Does the tone you use for evergreen content match the tone you use for social media posts?

Improved Targeting on Twitter & Pinterest

As we mentioned above, Facebook (and Instagram) have incredible targeting and retargeting capabilities. To remain competitive in the ad space, Twitter and Pinterest are going to have to start offering their ad customers a similar targeting experience.

Changes to Link Sharing

After Facebook came under fire during and after the 2016 elections for its inadvertent role in spreading fake news, we’re likely going to see ongoing changes to link sharing on Facebook. 2018 will be the year that Zuckerberg continues his crackdown on fake news and how it’s distributed on the platform – the results of his efforts will become especially clear during the midterm elections this year.

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