Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going: A Year in Review

Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going: A Year in Review

We can’t believe we’re already gearing up for 2018 here at Volume Nine – seriously, where did the year go? As we move into the new year, we decided that there is no better time to reflect on the past and look into the future. Below, we dive into the past year at Volume Nine and in our industry and look at what kind of innovation our clients can expect in 2018.

Looking Back: 2017

Biggest Achievements

Driving innovation: This year, we put a focus on getting the company in a good spot to drive innovation and measurable results for client accounts. Much of this success came from our commitment to client strategy – our team worked to create an innovative, integrative strategy for every one of our clients. We’re incredibly focused on data here at Volume Nine, and every strategy we created was rooted in data.

Custom solutions: Our industry has shifted significantly over the past few years, and we found that packaged solutions simply weren’t driving results. In 2017, we put an emphasis on creating a custom solution for every client. No two businesses are the same, so why should they be getting the same solution?

Thought leadership: I’ve always view Volume Nine as a very cutting-edge agency, and we finally started to share what we’re learning with our community. We held a “Smartention” talk with V9er Ben Waymire, and plan to hold more in 2018. We’re also heading out into our community – catch us at Natchcom in 2018!

Biggest Area of Growth

Content marketing – while the industry has been skewing more content-focused over the past few years, 2017 cemented the fact that content is king. The content we’re creating for clients is the best in town, as we truly believe that high-quality content is worth the time, money, and energy. Content is a brand asset, not a commodity, and we’re lucky that our clients give us the freedom to create great campaigns.

Biggest Industry Changes in 2017

Amazon: Amazon is a major influence in all aspects of digital marketing. We see people going directly to Amazon for content, which is changing the game of content consumption.

Artificial Intelligence: RankBrain is now a mind of its own (pardon the pun). We see Google moving away from links as a signal and towards excellent content. Being best in class in terms of content and user experience is what drives results.

Mobile-First: While we’re still waiting for Google’s full transition to mobile first, 2017 showed us the importance of gearing sites towards mobile users, and creating content with mobile users in mind.

Looking Forward: 2018

Top Goals

Driving Innovation: We want to continue innovating for our clients. 2018 has a ton of exciting offerings in the pipeline, including Amazon optimization, off-site marketing, marketing automation, inbound marketing, and video.

Stay Data-Driven: Data is still #1 in 2018. We’ll continue building strategies around the numbers, and never post and pray.

Brand Growth: We have a unique opportunity in our industry to grow brands. What we do is the hard part of branding, and we are in a position to help clients with their story. 2018 will find us working with our clients to create an immersive brand experience onsite and beyond.

Keep the Client First: We love our clients, and in 2018, we’ll just keep getting better for them. Clients can expect our teams to be laser-focused on results and KPIs when creating cutting-edge branding strategies.

What Industry Changes We’ll See in 2018

Content, content, and content: Creating innovative content campaigns will be essential for brands looking to remain competitive in 2018.

A Shift to PR: Traditional PR is becoming recalibrated – the power of the press is now in the many, not the few. Micro-influencers will continue to be important, as well as transparency in business practices.

A huge thank you to all our clients who made this year awesome! If you want to learn more about what the next year holds at V9, reach out to our team. Happy New Year!


Natalie Henley

About Natalie Henley

Natalie Henley is the CEO of Volume Nine, regularly developing strategy to improve our client’s results. Natalie started her marketing career in Communications and Market Research at Edelman PR working on campaigns for Fortune 50 companies. She got into Digital Marketing over 9 years ago and hasn't looked back. With experience in SEO, Google Analytics, Adwords, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing, Natalie also does a lot of speaking and training for Volume Nine.