Content Marketing Predictions 2018

Content Marketing Predictions 2018

Content marketing took new heights in 2017.

  1. Video became the most consumed type of content, and countless brands have monetized them.
  2. User-generated content (including reviews) plays a massive part in business’s bookings and leads.
  3. Instagram is responsible for so much tourism, it’s destroying natural wonders.

As we wrap up 2017, the content marketing team at V9 is looking towards the new year to get ahead on trends, tools, and how content fits into the customer journey. Here are some of our content marketing predictions for 2018.

Content & SEO Merge

In 2018, content marketing and SEO will increasingly be viewed as a single function. This has been trending since the good old days of “content is king” but proves more important than ever. An SEO-optimized site contains page/service content, trendy timely content that expands reach and relevancy, user-generated content, and eye-catching, on-brand imagery. If you need an SEO strategy, look to content marketing in 2018.

Brands to Take a Stand

Brands who know their audiences will be more willing to “take a stand,” much like Patagonia did in response to President Donald Trump’s controversial decision to remove federal protection from two national monuments in Utah. We think this will occur even more as social media continues to spread messages and costumers align themselves with brands.

Big Data

Brands will invest more in strategies and technologies that identify, target, and retarget key audience members. This data will also give insight into types of content, similar interests, and attribution technologies.

Net Neutrality Increases Competitiveness

Net neutrality was repealed in December so brands will need to offer their customers entertainment or news online. If you’re a brand who has been producing content for years, you’re a few steps ahead because ISPs may want to provide your website to their customers.

Content Diverges

The scope of content marketing will continue to expand far beyond blog posts, infographics, and short videos. Targeting IoT users, shifting keywords to focus on voice search, and creating high-quality and informative live video snippets are likely focuses. How brands will make their mark in the ever-growing AR/VR field will be interesting to watch.

Content Delivery

With the expansion of Alexa, Google Home, and summary programs, content delivery will continue to shift and evolve. This will present itself as fewer textual posts and more videos and verbal answers replacing them. Make sure you are taking advantage of schema and structured data, as these are not going anywhere.

Custom Content

Facebook and YouTube already have a handle on this from your web activity, but expect more brands to get their own proprietary data collection tools. When you arrive on a news site or blog, the website may recognize your IP address and bubble up the most relevant content to what you’re interested in.

Need a content marketing strategy in 2018? We can help strategize and execute your content marketing initiatives this year. Let’s chat.