Easy Blog Promotion Strategies for the Holiday Season

Easy Blog Promotion Strategies for the Holiday Season

While sales and conversions are #1 for most businesses during the holidays, it’s important to keep your blog a well-oiled machine with its own promotion strategy. Promoting your blog before and during the holiday season allows you to grow brand awareness and capture data (and maybe an email address or two). Plus, it primes you for a more successful Q1.

Here are a few easy blog promotion strategies for the season.

Create Something Outrageous

The definition of “outrageous” depends entirely on your industry, audience, and, capabilities, but typically it should be funny. Maybe this is a satirical video, a printable middle finger, a customizable dancing eggnog eCard. If you have a bold brand, do something outrageous.

Get Creative with Print Media

Remember last year’s Super Bowl commercial that showed the beginnings of a mother-daughter journey to America? To complete the story, viewers had to go online.

You can do something similar for your business if you’re creative enough. When someone orders a sweater, ship it with a message, secret information, funny joke, or opportunity to give back. Make the recipient go to your blog/content hub to complete the action. Don’t forget to make it effortless to share.

Stand Out in Email

Customers are about to be hit with hundreds of emails about sales, deals, gift guides, and BOGOs. Stand out with another message – something unique to them and their interests. Examples could include a Q&A with an influential person in your industry, an off-the-wall quiz, or an online scavenger hunt.

Focus on a Single Social Media Channel

It’s the holidays, you don’t have time to focus on every major social channel.

So pick one and go gangbusters. We do recommend exploring outside of Facebook during the holidays because the price for attention skyrockets and people are overwhelmed with sales and messaging.

Strictly Segment Audiences

If you do choose to go with Facebook, segment the Santa out of your audiences. Make sure the content you’re showing them is absolutely relevant and click-worthy. For your standard, year-round blog promotion strategy, you may have 3-5 Facebook audiences. During the holidays, you can segment that even more and grow to 10 small but mighty audiences, all given unique messaging.

Maintain Traditional Blog Promotion Strategies

Keep your other strategies working in the background during the above promotions. This includes simple things like

  • Add your blog to main navigation
  • Include blog and posts in all types of emails
  • Use SEO to optimize for long-tail keywords
  • Make it easy for readers to like and share posts

Promotion your blog alongside your products enables you to keep your funnel filled to the brim, allowing you to target people after the holidays for those post-Christmas sales. Do you have more questions about ways to promote your blog during the holidays? Reach out to the content marketing team here at Volume Nine – we’re here to help!

  • Barb Dittert

    Hi Filip,

    Thanks for your comment! While we focused on the holidays in this post, these tips absolutely will help with blog promotion any time of the year!