How to Make An Engaging Facebook Video

How to Make An Engaging Facebook Video

A Facebook video should be like a good joke: entertaining, memorable, and short enough to keep your audience engaged. Whether your company has been dabbling in Facebook video for a while or is just testing it out, a few tips will help you make an awesome video to drive engagement.

Here are our recommendations for how to make an engaging Facebook video:

Technical Recommendations

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Don’t rely on sound

85% of videos on Facebook are viewed without sound, so your video should be easy for viewers to consume without sound. The best way to get your point across is to include subtitles or overlay text in your video.

Be concise

The average video length on Facebook is 1 minute. Try to keep your video as short as possible. Sharing your message in a minute or less will keep your viewer engaged and stop them from getting bored and scrolling to the next video.

Plan production

Highly successful videos can be shot on a smartphone, but no matter what equipment you choose, utilize it to the best of your abilities.

  • Plan your shots needed and factor in time for editing, travel (if needed), and set-up/breakdown.
  • Shoot in high resolution so it can be edited and used to appear on a variety of devices.
  • Test equipment ahead of time, especially if you plan on trying something new like 360 video or new sound recording equipment.
  • Focus on getting good audio (if users do turn on the sound, make it worth it)

Share at just the right time

Don’t rush to post your video. Ensure it’s being shared at an optimal day and time for your Facebook audience to have peak engagement.

Grab their attention

The first few seconds of your video should be highly engaging to prevent your audience from scrolling past your video in their newsfeed. Try an animation, action, or an interesting title to capture their attention.

Creative Recommendations

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Identify your audience

Know your target audience and determine the kind of content they engage with, watch, and share with others.

Create an arc

See your video as a story or joke and ensure that it all ties together to tell your message to your audience. Your video should have a clear introduction, main section, and summary to tie it together. Don’t forget to end with a call-to-action to push visitors to your site or page.

Be creative

People go to Facebook for entertainment, not to be sold or bored. If you are creating a marketing message, make sure the video is also entertaining. Think of ways of tying your subject matter to current events or pop culture. You can also try an out-of-the-box or unique video concept, as users are likely to share truly original or innovative videos.

A well-done Facebook video is one of the best ways to engage your target audience and get your brand name out there.  Need some more advice about how to make a Facebook video? Reach out to the social media team at Volume Nine – we’re here to help!