Doing Good Week: Digital Marketing for Non-Profits

Doing Good Week: Digital Marketing for Non-Profits

Here at Volume Nine, we try to take time out of our busy schedules to give back to our community. We even shut down the office one day per year to host a community service project.

Recently, we had the opportunity to combine some of our favorite things – digital marketing and community service – at Doing Good Week. Doing Good Week is a free event where non-profits can learn about everything they need to build their organization, from marketing to accounting to volunteer management.

We sent our directors of social media and content marketing, Carly and Barb, to share their insights on how to use content and social media to drive donations. Their presentation provided attendees with actionable tools and resources to increase awareness and visibility of their non-profit among potential donors.

doing good week presentation

Below is a summary of key takeaways from the presentation that you can apply to your non-profit, no matter your industry.

Content Marketing Tips for Non-Profits

  • Online content, like blogs or website content, is essential for digital strategy as it informs your audience and search engines, earns conversions, presents you as a credible organization, builds brand awareness, and gives readers something to share.
  • All content you publish should be optimized for search engines and user experience – read our full content optimization checklist.
  • Plan our your content with a blog calendar. Interviews with donors or your organization’s founder are easy ways to generate interest and donations.
  • There are a ton of free or low-cost tools that make creating great content easier. Check out our favorites.

Social Media Tips for Non-Profits

  • Use Facebook’s robust targeting tool to direct ads to a likely-to-donate audience. Define location, age, behaviors, interests, relevant liked pages, and income. Here is a sample audience of potential donors.
    do good week ad targeting
  • Set up ads with either a single image or slideshow images with a link to your site.
  • Use one consistent, incentive-driven call-to-action, like “Help Fight Childhood Hunger in Colorado” in your ads, and include a CTA button, like “Learn More”.
  • Keep your ad copy short and natural, and use words that resonate with readers’ emotions
  • Update your link title (headline) and description (what they can expect when they click through). An example of a powerful non-profit ad is below:
    doing good week social ad
  • Measure the success of your ad by looking at engagement, reach, clicks to the site, and user behavior metrics.

We hope that these tips will help you spread the word about your non-profit and the amazing work you do. If you have any questions about how to use digital marketing to attract donors, please contact us – we’re here to help!