What Content Should You Include Above the Fold?

What Content Should You Include Above the Fold?

Let’s face it, attention spans are dwindling. You know within two seconds if you’ll continue engaging with a video, blog post or news article. Being able to identify if something is going to add value to your life in seconds helps us conserve our cognitive resources and ensures we are paying attention to the most relevant and pertinent information. Psychologists call this phenomenon “thin-slicing.”

Your readers’ reduced attention spans mean that the above the fold content (what is visible before scrolling down) on your landing pages and blog posts need to be catchy, informative, and valuable to your audience. It’s the prime real estate for all pages on the web, so you need to highlight the most captivating, most engaging, and most exciting content in this space.

Some of the most important things that need to be included above the fold are outlined below. Keep in mind that many people are accessing content more frequently from mobile devices these days, or from smaller laptop devices, making the above the fold space tinier than ever! Read more about optimizing your above the fold content for mobile here.

Include the following on above the fold content:

Catchy and unique title

A catchy title can ask a question of the reader, give them five ways to accomplish something, or be something thought-provoking and even slightly controversial. A good title gets to the point fast and catches the reader’s attention. Practice makes perfect when it comes to writing – and also when it comes to creating exciting titles that people want to click. It may help to note your blogs with the highest click-through rate, and use that headline style for future blog posts.

Featured image that matches your blog content

There are many resources for imagery for your content available on the web, including Shutterstock and DepositPhotos. Finding the right image to match your content is not an exact science, but make sure the image matches what you discuss in your article. Also ensure that you have rights to publish the image – cease and desist letters can put a damper on your day.

Descriptive subheader

A descriptive subheader elaborates on your title in a little more detail. Make sure to succinctly sum up what the article is about, and avoid misleading your reader about the information they can find in the article.

A first sentence that wows

Don’t save your best content for last. Think of how quickly you know if you’ll continue reading something or not. Content that wows, engages. For inspiration, look at some articles that immediately captivated your attention – can you mimic the style of the first sentence for the same impact?

Call to action

A call to action is often seen at the end of blog posts and landing pages, but it’s also worth leading with a CTA if your value proposition is particularly enticing. Sometimes, if you have an interesting offer, the above the fold content is enough to drive a wildly successful click-through rate and drive conversions.

Social sharing buttons

Do you remember the last time you were on a site and had to hunt for social share buttons on the page? There shouldn’t be a barrier to sharing – make your social sharing buttons prominent and highly visible before you scroll down.

When optimizing above the fold content, these six tips will help reduce your bounce rate and entice your reader. Are you ready to start increasing conversion on your blog posts and landing pages with optimized above the fold content? Check out our other resources on the Volume Nine blog, or send us a message – we’re here to help!