How Blogging Increased Organic Traffic by 421% [Case Study]

How Blogging Increased Organic Traffic by 421% [Case Study]

Here at Volume Nine, we love to vacation in the great outdoors. So when Limelight Hotels – a boutique hotel chain with locations in Aspen, CO and Ketchum, ID – approached us to help increase online awareness of their new hotel in Ketchum, we jumped at the opportunity.

The Goals

  1. Increase organic traffic and visits to their Ketchum pages and blog, measured by website sessions to the pages and blog from organic traffic.
  2. Increase keywords ranking, measured by the number of keywords ranking in SERPs for Limelight Ketchum pages.
  3. Improve page authority, measured by the ability for a page to rank in Google.

The Strategy

With a thriving industry and a fun brand, we knew we could strike marketing gold if the message got in front of the right people. Our core strategies were:

Build a new site structure

To improve user experience and reduce bounce rate, we restructured the Limelight Ketchum pages using easy-to-navigate content silos. We also improved the information architecture of the site to support usability and findability.

limelight case study content silo

Create a targeted blogging strategy

We developed a blogging strategy to target specific keywords related to Limelight and activities and events in Ketchum. The strategy included four posts per month optimized with focus keywords to bring top-of-the-funnel organic traffic to the Limelight blog.

limelight case study ketchum blog

The Results

Goal #1) Increase organic traffic and visits to Ketchum pages and the blog

limelight case study stats

Goal #2) Increase keyword rankings for Limelight Ketchum

limelight case study stats

Goal #3) Improve page authority

Bonus results

  • Organic users increase by 60.82% compared to the previous year
  • The Limelight Ketchum silo saw 21,309 sessions from organic traffic in one year.
  • Pageviews to the Limelight blog increased by 101.5% from the previous year.

Planning a vacation to Ketchum? Limelight is a perfect home base for exploring the stunning mountains of Sun Valley.