The Allure of Secure – Why Should you Migrate to HTTPS?

The Allure of Secure – Why Should you Migrate to HTTPS?

Year after year, SEOs talk about the importance of Google “suggestions” for all sites on the Internet. Recently, Google has strongly recommended migrating all sites to HTTPS, and we understand that can be a big decision for your business.

It can be expensive, time-consuming, and just plain annoying, but it can also help you reach your customers more easily and effectively as you bathe in some Google SEO love.

Users (Experience) First

We truly believe that user experience is the most important SEO ranking factor for your site, and if you focus on UX, all else will follow. Users are Google’s primary concern as they are trying to customize the Internet to fit each user’s behaviors and interests.

Currently, Google Chrome (used by 55% of all Internet audiences) shows an alarming pop-up to users that says your site is not secure, and unfortunately, it’s only getting worse. Visitors to your site are able to see, front and center, that Google does not think your site is secure enough for them to use (especially when inputting their personal information), and that can be unappealing, to say the least.

An Edge Over Competitors

Even a year ago, HTTPS sites shared 30% of real estate in search engines, and that number is on the rise. As nearly 70% of sites are still unsecure online, you have a great chance to overtake your competitors that may not have made the switch to HTTPS. As a lightweight ranking signal, Google is trying to implement a #HTTPSeverywhere Internet (you know it’s important when Google uses a hashtag) and it’s the perfect time to make the move.

Security Concerns

Large Internet hacks are everywhere nowadays. The recent Google Docs phishing scam, banking website hacks, and many others affect users online every day. The problem is that more users than ever are online and constantly inputting information in web forms to purchase items and services; including but not limited to their name, address, and credit card number.

Certain industries find making the switch to HTTPS more difficult to combat, as there are more legal constraints around important information online such as healthcare and personal banking profiles. Industries like this may find immediate decreases in rank if they do not abide by these legal standards. Even sites that are not industry-specific must satisfy Google’s guidelines if they are looking to continue traffic growth in the coming year.

By switching to secure, your site will meet users’ expectations because:

  • they will feel better about inputting their sensitive data online
  • your business will feel better about combatting potential hacks
  • Google will continue to favor showing searchers your site in their brigade to making a better and safer Internet for everyone to play in.

Still Unsure About Secure?

Reach out to the Volume Nine team, and we can guide you along your switch to secure!