Denver Perks: Why Young Digital Marketers are Moving to The Mile High City

Denver Perks: Why Young Digital Marketers are Moving to The Mile High City

Denver has consistently held a top position on best places to move lists in recent years. Whether you’re a young digital marketer or have caught the stereotypical millennial wanderlust fever (or both in my case), Denver should be at the top of your go-to list. While you might hear disgruntled locals mutter about the constant flow of transplants, you shouldn’t let that stop you.

The V9 team has a diverse background; three of our most recent hires come from Boston, Chicago, and Little Rock.

This city has a lot to offer young marketing professionals like…

The Tech Boom

startup week

Startup Week 2016

In recent years, the tech boom has expanded its roots from Silicon Valley right into Denver and Boulder. There is no shortage of sprawling startup culture – and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With city-wide events like Denver Startup Week, marketers with entrepreneurial interests fit right in.



Image courtesy Anne Preble

One of the best-kept secrets about Denver is its glorious weather. While blizzards cause road closures up in the mountains, it’s often sunny and 75 down here. On average, Denver sees 245 sunny days a year!

The Tourism Industry

The booming tourism and resort industry rivals startup culture with a sleuth of fun and exciting job opportunities. Many of those dreamy resorts in Aspen, Vail, and Breckenridge look right to Denver for external marketing experts. This makes for some exciting projects.

The Mountains

rocky mountains

Photo Taken by V9er Brian

This one is a no-brainer. There are stunning views of hazy blue mountains beneath a radiant sunset every evening. Ski destinations are a short drive away (and available through June when it’s warming up in the city!) What’s not to love?

And if skiing isn’t your jam, those mountains create a vast network of waterfalls and streams along hiking paths at every altitude.

Friendly People


Especially if you’re coming from the East coast like me, you’ll notice this right away. Complete strangers are noticeably more friendly and helpful. It’s the little acts of kindness here and there that can brighten your week, even on the occasional cloudy day.


Thursday Happy Hour #happyhour #agencylife #denver

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Beer is no joke in Denver. With breweries all over the city, and exciting new brew innovations every month, Denver and its surrounding towns are the places to be.

Staying Active

colfax marathon relay 2

Despite digital marketing being a fun, creative job, we still spend much of our day sitting (sometimes standing) at our desks. Luckily, Denver is full of bikers, fitness enthusiasts, and yogis that meet outside of work to get their sweat on. It’s all in a day’s hard work.