How Facebook Advertising Brought in 300 Franchise Leads [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Facebook Advertising Brought in 300 Franchise Leads [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Who can say no to a puppy? Definitely not anyone at Volume Nine.

When Wag N’ Wash Natural Food and Bakery – the perfect spot to bring your cat or dog for grooming or a gourmet, all-natural treat – came to us last spring, they wanted to expand their business through new franchised locations. At the time, they were receiving a small quantity of leads from various sources each month.

The Goal

Their ultimate goal was to increase lead acquisition for new franchise owners. The three goals that aligned with the customer journey were:

  1. Increase overall brand awareness for franchise development
  2. Drive qualified leads to the website for franchise development
  3. Increase lead acquisition for Wag N’ Wash franchises

The Strategy

With a thriving industry and a fun brand, we knew we could strike marketing gold if the message got in front of the right people. So we relied on Facebook’s robust targeting capabilities to create our successful campaign.

Our core strategies were:

  1. Utilize Facebook advertising campaigns to target potential franchise owners

    Facebook’s audience isn’t just massive, it’s consistent, with an average of 1.23 billion daily active users. Using Facebook advertising also allowed us to use very specific targeting, so we knew we’d be speaking to the right audience.

  2. Target a national audience using contextual dog ownership behaviors and net worth

    We focused on targeting an audience that owned a dog and could potentially afford the financial investment of opening a Wag N’ Wash franchise. Our theory was that a majority of people like dogs, but only a dog owner would understand and appreciate the value of a Wag N’ Wash.

  3. Create and target a lookalike audience based on a past qualified leads

    Using past qualified lead lists, we used Facebook’s Lookalike audience tool to target Facebook users who had similar attributes.

  4. Retarget website visitors with direct messaging and in-app lead form ads

    Using the Facebook Pixel, we retargeted website visitors, with more direct messaging and utilized the lead form ad format.

    Example Retargeting Lead Form Ad:

  5. Combine heartwarming images with industry and franchise stats for a more compelling message

    Since opening a franchise is an investment, we had to grab a dog owner’s attention with relatable image and give them a financial reason to be interested in this opportunity.

    Example Ad Creative:

    wag n wash social media ad

The Results

Over the five-month campaign, the Facebook ads were well received by the targeted audiences. On average, creative had a 2.05% engagement rate and a 1.31% link click-through rate. With people clicking through the ads, website traffic increased, which resulted in franchise inquiries.

Based on results, we successfully achieved all three goals:

Goal #1) Brand Awareness

wag n wash social media campaign stats
Goal #2) Referral Traffic to Website

wag n wash social media stats
Goal #3) Lead Form Completions

wag n wash social media campaign stats

Do you own a dog or cat? Visit a Wag ‘N Wash location near you! Do you want to improve your business’ social marketing? Give our social team a shout.

Wag N’ Wash Case Study Infographic

wag n wash social media campaign infographic

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