How Marketers Can Expand Their Minds in 2017

How Marketers Can Expand Their Minds in 2017

We are a learning obsessed team. We push ourselves and each other to learn more, every single day. I knew this when I walked in V9’s door. But, I never knew why, until recently. Through random conversations, I learned that about 20% of us are children of teachers. Lightbulb moment!

As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the (teacher’s) tree – especially here at Volume Nine.

In 2017, we want to learn even more–no resolutions needed. But I wonder, what types of classes could make us marketers even better content writers, SEOs, project or social media managers? Marketers should be constantly learning and expanding their minds; easier said than done.

Here are a few, some not-so-traditional, ideas from this teacher’s kid.

An Improv Course

We take our work seriously, but maybe too seriously? Through an improv course, we could learn to think faster, read our audiences better and laugh harder.

A Creative Course

Some of the best marketers I know also happen to be musical geniuses. Coincidence? I think not. By taking a course in pottery, wood-working or voice lessons we’ll learn to look at the world differently and address pitfalls more creatively.

An Email Marketing Course

If there is any other type of niche marketing folks that might be more obsessed with data than us, it’s those Email Marketers. Through a course on email marketing, we can push ourselves to find more personal ways to talk to our customer’s customer. Email marketing still is an invite-only space and we all can learn a lot from getting to know that space, better.

A Knife Skills Course

In our world, it’s easy to fall into a bottomless pit of distractions. When our fingers are on the line, we’ll learn to concentrate harder – in a knife skills course. The tasty treat at the end is something we can learn to enjoy too.

A New Language

Learning (or brushing up on) a language helps our brain make new connections and keep us sharp. Plus, marketers love to travel. Why not expand your brain and order your Peruvian dinner in the native language at the same time? There are a ton of great apps out there, but we love duoLingo.

A Design Course

We are all very good at telling a story with our words, but I can imagine we all would love to be better at telling a story through visual elements, instead. With a design course, we could start with the basics and move to non-designer-but-still-good level. For me, it’s fun to imagine transitioning my monthly reports to an infographic style. Hey, a girl can dream.

Resolutions are so last year. Instead, I encourage each and every marketer I know to challenge themselves always by asking: How can I be better at my job now and grow on that every year after?

Challenge Accepted: What cool courses do you plan to tackle in 2017?