The Facebook Funnel: Create a Social Media Strategy that Converts

The Facebook Funnel: Create a Social Media Strategy that Converts

“I don’t get any results from Facebook.”

“The ROI from Facebook Marketing doesn’t exist.”

“I’m posting on Facebook and not getting results.”

I hear iterations of these frustrations from people on a daily basis. If you’ve had similar thoughts about the marketing you’re doing on Facebook, you might be going about it the wrong way. DON’T GIVE UP! THERE’S HOPE!

Any good social media strategy starts with laying out realistic business goals. These goals will usually be as follows:

  1. Brand Awareness & Exposure
  2. Establishing Brand Credibility & Authority
  3. Increasing Qualified Referral Traffic
  4. Building New Qualified Audiences
  5. Converting Audiences (Purchases, Sign-ups, Leads, In-Store Traffic, etc.)

It’s no secret that businesses are most concerned about that 5th goal. After all, revenue is pretty essential to having a successful business. #MakeThatMoney

When it comes to using Social Media to achieve that goal, it’s important to remember:

You can’t get to Goal Number Five (conversions) without starting at Goal Number One (brand awareness & exposure) and working your way down. 

facebook funnel social media strategy

This is the Facebook Funnel. Each stage of this is vital to achieving every goal listed above. Within each stage, it’s important to know:

  • Audiences: What audiences you should be going after and building.
  • Content: The types of content that will engage and drive users to continue moving down the funnel.
  • Metrics: What types of KPI’s you should be paying attention to and measuring to ensure optimal results.

In this slideshow, you will discover these key components in each stage of the funnel with examples that we’ve used with some of our amazing clients.

If you need help developing a Social Media Strategy that converts, you’ve come to the right place. Contact our team today to get a plan for your business to succeed on social media (and mainly so you can stop being so frustrated with this whole Facebook thing).