26 Benefits of Blogging for Business

26 Benefits of Blogging for Business

Your business flaunts a mobile friendly, responsive website. Your “About” page glows with rich company history. And, you even offer a free helpful white paper download to your visitors. But, when’s the last time you added fresh content to your site?


Did you know Google digs it when you continuously add content to your site? In fact, if you’re not adding helpful, niche-specific information to your website regularly, your web site building efforts are in danger of sinking to the murky depths of page 23 on Google.

Yes, really.

So what’s the easiest way to do this? Yup – you guessed it! With a (good) blog.

So, if elevating your search engine rankings so your customers can actually find you isn’t enough, here are 26 more reasons why your business needs to start blogging ASAP.

The Benefits of Blogging for Business

  1. You can tell the world about your successes, including company awards and satisfied customer stories.
  2. It’s a cost-effective way to push information out the door without relying on traditional media to pick up a press release.
  3. You can connect with your fans and potential customers in the blog comments.
  4. A blog helps your business become more visible each time a post is shared.
  5. You demystify your business and give readers insight into why your business is important.
  6. Businesses with blogs receive 13 times more positive ROI than non-blogging companies.
  7. Blog posts written by your employees builds their credibility as experts in your industry.
  8. The analytics behind each post tells you what types of content your audience craves.
  9. A blog creates shareable content for your social media feeds and email newsletters.
  10. Each topic you present on a blog gets indexed by search engines, which helps boost your site’s rankings, which helps your customers find you.
  11. Blogging is an effective way to educate your potential customers so they feel confident buying from you.
  12. Blogging is part of building your network and your business.
  13. A blog can help you build domain authority.
  14. Businesses that take the time to blog continually build trust and camaraderie with their fans.
  15. Blogs bring inbound leads to your website.
  16. Writing blog posts about current events, sales, promotions and product launches keeps your audience informed.
  17. You can establish your company as an industry leader by presenting commentary on current and new topics related to your business.
  18. Feedback on your blog post topics can be used to influence product and service development.
  19. You can use blog posts to answer customer or client questions publicly.
  20. Blogging makes you a better writer and communicator, which is essential to building a business.
  21. Use a blog to present in-depth, behind-the-scenes information about your products.
  22. Blogging is the cornerstone of a solid content marketing campaign which can elevate brand awareness.
  23. Updating a blog regularly shows that your company is dependable, consistent and motivated.
  24. You can build an email list faster by linking to it within every blog post.
  25. A blog showcases your company’s culture, voice and style – which may persuade like-minded customers to do business with you.
  26. Social media can only get you so far. Content is king!

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